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In the Grip of Grace: You Can't Fall Beyond His Love

In the Grip of Grace You Can t Fall Beyond His Love In his most theologically challenging book to date popular author Max Lucado reminds you that the God who first made you is strong enough to sustain you This is a book about one of life s sweetest wo

  • Title: In the Grip of Grace: You Can't Fall Beyond His Love
  • Author: Max Lucado
  • ISBN: 9780849954245
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In his most theologically challenging book to date, popular author Max Lucado reminds you that the God who first made you is strong enough to sustain you This is a book about one of life s sweetest words grace.

    • [PDF] In the Grip of Grace: You Can't Fall Beyond His Love | by ☆ Max Lucado
      239 Max Lucado
    In the Grip of Grace: You Can't Fall Beyond His Love

    About Author

    1. Max Lucado says:
      With than 130 million products in print and several NYT bestsellers, Max Lucado is America s bestselling inspirational author He serves the Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, Texas, where he lives with his wife, Denalyn, and their mischievous mutt, Andy His next book is publishing August 2018 and is titled Unshakable Hope.facebook maxlucado twitter maxlucadoinstagram maxlucado

    Comment 960 on “In the Grip of Grace: You Can't Fall Beyond His Love

    1. Penny says:
      Another great Lucado book When everything was hopeless, Abraham believed anyway, deciding to live NOT on the basis of what he SAW he COULDN T do, but on what God SAID he WOULD do Abraham decided to trust the PROMISE rather than focus on the problems Two truths about GRACE to take into battle 1 God still claims you IF your sin were too great for HIs grace, He never would ve saved you in the 1st place 2 God still guides you There is NEVER a point at which you are LESS saved than you were the first [...]

    2. R.K. Goff says:
      I never know how to rate a Lucado It was a great book Lighter on the doctrine, and heavy on the fluff, but man Great fluff The kind of fluff that really attaches the doctrine to your heart Nice.And I guess it can t be heavy all the time.

    3. LeighAnne says:
      A wonderful picture of grace and our own inability to save ourselves A wonderful tool for any new Christian and a great reminder for the mature Christian The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is the author s use of the Message as his translation in spots I originally checked it out from the library, but bought my own copy so I can white out all those quotes and replace them with a accurate translation.

    4. Ginger says:
      This book was part of my decision to go back to church after 40 years of being a non practitioner I am so thankful that I discovered Max Lucado my life is now in the hands of our Lord and I have real inner peace for the first time in many years.

    5. Jo says:
      Wow I needed this I listened to it two and half times Beautiful description of Grace Thank you for the Atonement

    6. Lauren says:
      In college, I took a Sociology of Murder class with Dr Ron Homles Dr Holmes was one of the profilers that worked on Ted Bundy s case Ted had his home phone number, he said Honey, Ted Bundy s on the phone While Dr Holmes was passing out our tests one day, he mentioned that he is a Christian and that Ted Bundy just before he died became a Chrisitan also and asked God for forgiveness of his sins After a moment of stunned silence from the students now thinking back, the whole topic was probably lost [...]

    7. Álex Oliva says:
      Entender el concepto de Gracia, lo que es, lo que significa y lo provoca en nosotros en muy sencillo de entender sin embargo, cuando tratamos de asimilarla para aplicarla en nuestra vida cotidiana todo se vuelve much simo m s complejo.En palabras sencillas, Gracia es el lenguaje de Dios, y el motor de otros rasgos de su personalidad y de sus actos por lo tanto, deber amos, sus hijos, movernos en Gracia El problema es que somos v ctimas y victimarios del mundo ca do en des gracia y nos cuueeesta [...]

    8. Lance Lumley says:
      I read this book many years a go as part of a Youth Bible Study that I was a co leader in, and read it again some time later I got rid or lost my copy and found this copy at a book sale and decided to read the book again I am not a huge Lucado fan, but enjoy this book dealing with the Book of Romans Once again I used the book as a form of a devotional while going through the book of Romans, and enjoyed reconnecting with the book, from Lucado s illustrations to his simple summary of the verses If [...]

    9. Jennifer says:
      My favorite Lucado book One of the reasons is the parable of the river Very few times in this life do you read something that forces you to look at yourself and really realize what kind of person you are Max Lucado has that ability and he uses plain language and regular situations to do it.

    10. Jenny says:
      Great book it s inspiring and well written I loved how he used everyday experiences to show how God has us in his hands.I highly recommend it.

    11. Stephanie says:
      Such a beautiful explanation about grace I didn t fully comprehend what grace truly was until in my 30 s Phenomenal book.

    12. Stanley says:
      Max Lucado walks through the book of Romans Of note check out the Parable of the River he uses to open the book.

    13. Lenita Sheridan says:
      A Good Book for Father s DayThis book took me a week to read, which is good at the rate I read Sometimes I took breaks between chapters I liked the first part of the book better With the exception of the conclusion, it stayed on the topic of grace I liked the parable of the river at the beginning and Lucado s references to it throughout the first of the book and in the conclusion.One thing I did like about the latter chapters was how Lucado tied each section to a bible verse or passage, particu [...]

    14. Kristin Frederick says:
      I was in dire need of a book about grace from someone with a gentle delivery Years of being hurt by legalistic church rules has left me burnt out on faith, and my desire to revive my commitment was a huge undertaking that was giving me a hard way to go I knew of Max s writing style and felt maybe one of his books was exactly what I needed after perusing all of his writings, I decided upon this one and am so glad I did What a refreshing book I read about grace upon grace and was reminded of God s [...]

    15. Taylor Estes says:
      I had a hard time getting into this book, and never really got to the point of wanting to pick it up However, the subject matter is crucial and the book is well written, so I think my disinterest had to do with me than the writing or author Lucado works excellently in metaphors He had valuable insights and wrote with emotion I ll be taking lessons away with me, but probably wouldn t pick the book up again.

    16. L8blmr says:
      I like to read a Lucado book one chapter a day roughly sometimes I read a couple if one is really short and let the content sink in before moving on I really appreciate this author s ability to give examples and explanations that make the Word relatable to present day real life I enjoy his sense of humor and his humility as well I never fail to learn something when I read one of his books.

    17. Edward Bellis says:
      Well done Well done Max hit it out of the park with this one As a fellow passenger on the boat I will trust the Captain to bring me safely through it all Thank you, Max Thank you God for your strong grip of amazing Grace.

    18. Phyllis says:
      You can t go wrong reading a Max Lucado book There is plenty to learn, even if you ve heard it before Lucado has a way of explaining biblical concepts in a clear and often humorous way that makes reading his books worthwhile and entertaining.

    19. Denali says:
      Full of vivid metaphors that I have remembered for well over a year.

    20. Aneil says:
      Through original parables, compelling anecdotes, and his command of Scripture, Lucado makes Paul s letter to the Romans as relevant as ever.

    21. Darlene says:
      I love books about grace This was one of the best I ve read in a while Clean, articulate, great stories So many reminders of why I serve the God I do Grace.

    22. Helen Pickering says:
      In the grip of graceLove all the illustrations in the book helps me better some things have read many max lucado book always enjoy

    23. Lisbet Sumcad says:
      After reading this book, my understanding of God s grace grew deeper The analogies used in the book is simple, comprehensive and convicting I strongly recommend this book.

    24. Perry Martin says:
      Ben Holland reads Thomas Nelson s new extended release of Max Lucado s study of Romans and Gods overwhelming Grace toward us Why listen to a book some ask, this book is an Excelent example of why audiobooks are so enjoyable Ben Holland expresses every word with a fullness and passion usually reserved for an author or public speaker This takes the written word to another level.God s Grace for us is explained in several parables and stories by Max Lucado This is the first of his books I have ever [...]

    25. Virginia says:
      I first picked this book up years ago, and liked what I read, but put it down and then never finished it Lately I d been feeling out of sync in my faith life and decided to pick it up again This book is Max Lucado s treatment and description of the book of Romans and a full lesson on what grace is Lucado starts with a parable he wrote that describes 4 brothers who, against their father s warning, get intrigued by a great river and end up being caught up in it and carried far away from their home [...]

    26. Vanessa says:
      This book took me a long time to read for several reasons, some personal, some not I was first attracted to the challenge questions for each chapter in the book They were functional at first and then became over bearing to me I have learned that Lucado s manner of making a point involves telling a metaphorical story while this was effective for some points related to grace it was not needed for every concept It became taxing having to read these parables and comparing them to the points Lucado w [...]

    27. Janet Mahlum says:
      Our Bible study Sunday School class picked this book to study It took us a year and a half to get through it, not because we slogged through it but because we read the chapter together in class and then discussed the questions at the back We don t meet in the summer and had to cancel many classes because of conflicts However, when we did finish it, all agreed it was a very good book with a lot of interesting discussions I wouldn t exactly call it a study of the book of Romans We did do that stud [...]

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