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In the Eye of the Storm

In the Eye of the Storm In the desert an instant turns life into death and hate into love In the desert everything is different Boundaries break down and you find yourself doing things that you would never ever have imag

  • Title: In the Eye of the Storm
  • Author: Robert Thier
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 162
  • Format: ebook
  • In the desert, an instant turns life into death and hate into love In the desert, everything is different Boundaries break down, and you find yourself doing things that you would never, ever have imagined.Lilly Linton finds this out the hard way in the shadow of the pyramids, she and her boss, cold, calculating Mr Ambrose, must face death and danger together Is the desIn the desert, an instant turns life into death and hate into love In the desert, everything is different Boundaries break down, and you find yourself doing things that you would never, ever have imagined.Lilly Linton finds this out the hard way in the shadow of the pyramids, she and her boss, cold, calculating Mr Ambrose, must face death and danger together Is the desert s heat enough to melt the cold heart of Britain s richest financier Sequel to Robert Thier s 1 Hit Storm and Silence

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    • [PDF] In the Eye of the Storm | by ☆ Robert Thier
      162 Robert Thier
    In the Eye of the Storm

    About Author

    1. Robert Thier says:
      Robert Thier is a German historian, lover of old books and award winning writer, whose novels and stories encompass the historical, satirical, and fantastical For the way he manages to make the past come alive, as if he himself lived as a medieval knight, his inventive fans have given him the nickname Sir Rob All of his stories are characterized by his very own brand of humor that has gained him a diverse readership ranging from teenagers to retired grandmothers.For Robert, becoming a writer followed naturally from his interest in history In Germany, he says, we use the same word for story and history And I ve always loved the one as much as the other Becoming a storyteller, a writer, is what I ve always wanted Besides writing and researching in dusty old archives, on the lookout for a mystery to put into his next story, Robert enjoys classical music and long walks in the country The helmet you see in the picture he does not wear because he is a cycling enthusiast, but to protect his literary skull in which a bone has been missing from birth Robert lives in the south of Germany in a small village between the three Emperor Mountains.

    Comment 817 on “In the Eye of the Storm

    1. BookLover says:
      ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.5 Stars Is Not Enough I don t know what my problem is lately, but I have been having a really hard time getting invested in the characters and stories in a lot of the romances I have read this year So I was super excited to have the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book from the author I loved the first story and could look at life through Lilly s eyes all day and do it with a smile on my face If possible, I loved this book [...]

    2. Hana ♡ says:
      4 Stars So after how the first book ended in a heart wrenching cliffhanger I pretty much thought life was over.But this book was great I really enjoyed reading about all of the characters and the hilarious adventures of Mr Ambrose and Lily Linton Their relationship with one another really progressed though neither of them would ever admit it and their banters never get old The authors writitng style was awesome, each chapter was a roller coaster ride The story begins with Mr Ambrose and how he d [...]

    3. Pinky says:
      A huge thank you to Sir Rob for giving me this opportunity I can t wait to read of this series Storm and Silence is an amazing novel that takes place in the 19th Century It follows the protagonist Lilly Linton, who believes that women should be treated as equals to men Since this takes place in the 19th century, women are treated differently, they weren t allowed to vote and were considered to be weak Living in London with her aunt and sisters, Lilly is forced to attend balls and dance with men [...]

    4. Henz says:
      When Storm and Silence ended with a cliffhanger I was in rage because it just can t simply end that way I was agonizingly waiting for the sequel and thankfully I was lucky enough to be given a digital copy of this historical romance by Robert Thier himself Thanks Sir Upon reading the first two chapters, I was like Oh hey there he is, the son of a bachelor actually survived the ship was it Titanic Oh goodness Why was I so anxious that he won t survive, he s Mr Ambrose for crying out loud And nope [...]

    5. Victoria says:
      I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review Thank you Robert Thier 4.5 stars There are no words for how I feel right now None that I know Bloody hell.I closed my eyes, letting joy flood through me Those, I told him, those were exactly the right ones Mr AmbroseLilly LintonAfter binge reading Storm and Silence within a day last year I knew I just had to get my hands on the next instalment of this series and I must say IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT The sequel definitely focused on Lilly and Mr [...]

    6. Ari Ratumaiyale says:
      This book is amazing Only a few chapters in currently, but Robert Thier s beautifully complicated characters and skillful writing continue to make an exciting, incredible story that I am always on the edge of my seat to read

    7. Myla says:
      Keep calm It s all right Remember you re only pretending This is all part of your job Oh, right I had nearly forgotten that Mr Ambrose s mouth found the little hollow at the base of my throat, and he groaned as he reached it Blast Blast Blast What a great sequel Lillian Linton, our dear feminist is off to another adventure to Egypt with her boss Mr Rikkard Ambrose To catch the bandits who continuously harassing the men of Mr Ambrose This time Lily won t be pretending to be a man, no Mr Victor L [...]

    8. Lily-Rose says:
      Well that went downhillThe things I loved from book 1 disappeared What happened to our slow burn romance and the things I hated got way worse Dark and Brooding like closet sociopath no thanks Arggg

    9. Mwanaidi says:
      the Sequel to Storm and Silence, he does not disappoint

    10. Ritu Raveendran says:
      The copy of this book was provided to be my the author in exchange for an honest review I think like this book I really really like it I ABSO FREAKIN LUTELY Loved it There I said it As soon as I got the copy of this book I went crazy and excited and I wouldn t stop until I finished and that took me around 6 hours.Things I liked about this book 1 I love the chemistry between Mr Ambrose and Miss Linton They are both so stubborn and strong and love how that brings them closer I really do like stron [...]

    11. Nina ᴡᴏʀᴅs ᴀɴᴅ ᴡᴀᴛᴇʀ says:
      Many thanks to the author for the ARC in exchange for an honest review Update Set for release August 3rd 4.5 Is it possible to make these numbers bigger Initial thoughtsI really wish I wrote this as soon as I finished it But I was on a train.With not enough to time to write out a frenzied review _________ You know, I had my ups and down with this book Initially I was really excited to receive the ARC from the author, since I found myself loving Storm Silence for all the reasons I listed in my re [...]

    12. Seema Khan says:
      Review on author request in exchange of a copy of the book.First a journey through some of the most memorable dialogues and humorous lines from the book If you hear him calling, he ll probably not be calling you for help but ordering you to come To what purpose have you initiated this superfluous form of physical contact When I stepped on land, I thought I was safe from drowning, But when I look into your eyes, I m not sure any His eyes narrowed infinitesimally the closest he ever came to lookin [...]

    13. Angel Lee says:
      Best book The very exciting continuation of the Storm and silence Still packed with ingredients for a really good book

    14. Julie says:
      I ve never met or to be precise, read about two individuals who are as oblivious and totally clueless of their feelings, as Mr Ambrose and Lilly Seriously, I was so close to losing my patience and I m counting down to 100,000 before I blast off and throw a fit, because come on, it was pretty obvious how enad they are of each other For a while, I thought there was some progress already I mean, I couldn t count how many hugs and kisses or in Mr Ambrose s words, superfluous form of physical contact [...]

    15. AiraCabrera says:
      4.5 stars ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review The way the first book ended hurt my heart I knew that the author was writing the second book and posting it on his wattpad, but I wanted the finished copy I wouldn t have survived reading bits and pieces That would have been a form of torture.This book was magical It made my heart so happy Mr Ambrose and Lilly certainly had moments together, and each one was so precious I felt so frustrated at times when they were being stub [...]

    16. Wendy F says:
      2016 Birdie Book Award WinnerWhenever I move on in a beloved series I can t help but worry that there will be some kind of decline Even when I try not to I m a worrier I fret that maybe the sequel will lag, or the characters won t read the same, or any of the multiple reasons why I might be disappointed For me, diving into In the Eye of the Storm the concern was with the character relationship development The slow burn between Lilly and Ambrose was everything in the first book Of course that mad [...]

    17. Elaine says:
      Wow I know I enjoyed the first book in this series but this sequel is an equally intriguing read, set mainly in Egypt, with bandits, deception, danger and camels Lillian Lily Linton still strives to achieve independence in an era where this is definitely not the norm Having obtained a job working for Mr Rikkard Ambrose she is determined to keep it and prove her worthy of the position even though she has to pretend to be a man most of the time to keep the job Mr Ambrose, however, is a rich entrep [...]

    18. CatLovesBooks says:
      Urgh Words cannot describe how much I have come to DETEST this book series There is 0 relationship development between the two characters The characters are annoying Lily is ridiculous and for all the feminist nonsense she spouts the book is actually quite sexist She just lets Ambrose use her as a tool to do whatever he likes with and push her around like he owns her Ambrose is a d and a bigger Gary Stu than Edward Cullen He is boring now I as a reader, get no emotion out of him, no excitement, [...]

    19. Maryam says:
      This is one of the BEST books I have ever read I wasn t into reading historical stories, but when i started reading The Storm and Silence I couldn t stop myself from reading It has amazing scenarios and the main characters Lilly Linton or shall i say Mr.Linton and Rikkard Ambrose are just wonderful I would really recommend everyone to read it, as its not only awesome but incredibly hilarious

    20. Margaret.s says:
      Greaat book, great writing, great author The story of young Miss Mr Linton and great Mr Ambrose can certainly live up to the expectations of even the most pickiest readers.

    21. Kerry says:
      Another great adventure for our head strong couple Lilly and Rikkard This time their quest for truth and justice takes them to Egypt, the desert and on a journey into the deepest recesses of their hearts A great story and page turner filled with thrills, danger and excitements As well as the love and hate relationship that the pair seem unable to avoid when they re together.I can t wait to read of their madcap adventures

    22. Lena Maria says:
      A huge Thank You goes to Sir Rob for providing me with a free e book copy of his book So, I already absolutely loved Storm and Silence and wasn t, in the least, prepared for the sequel I dare to say that In the Eye of the Storm was better than the first book, even though it was much shorter.In this sequel we follow Lilly and Mr Ambrose to Egypt because of some business the financier has to attend to there And because they mustn t seem suspicious Mr Ambrose took measures to avoid just that The sl [...]

    23. Ginger says:
      This book was somewhat enjoyable to read but there was no character development and that s why I have to rate it so low The action was great though I was hoping that the characters of Lilly and Rick would become evolved in their relationship, less stubborn and annoying at times in the 2nd book Nope, it didn t happen.This is a disappointment for me because I don t want to keep reading the same book over and over again Book 1, two characters that are attracted to each other but are too rigid and [...]

    24. Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method) says:
      Parts of this seem a lot gimmicky than book 1, especially at the beginning, but the second half is decent

    25. Jessica (HighFantasyFanatic) says:
      4.5 starsWhats university i don t recall Heaven help my uni grades right now

    26. Eti Mishra says:
      Yes Giving it 5 Stars Okay I don t know if you read my review of Storm and Silence 1 or not But let me tell you, I loved that book I couldn t put that book down, it kept me hooked up till the end And yes the end did make me sad Because I wanted to know, What happens next.Ya, that book left me wanting I m totally in love with these two characters, Mr Ambrose and Lillian Oh how much I adore them.So when I started reading this book and continued with their story, it happened again I fell in love w [...]

    27. Monique says:
      I received a copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest reviewSpecial thanks to author Robert Thier for sending me a review copy.To avoid spoiling some big things, I m going to keep this review short and sweet.A few thoughts Lilly and her feminist ways are alive and well in this I fell in love with Lilly in Storm and Silence because she was very independent and determined in her quests I m happy to say that this is still the case While I was a little frustrated that we [...]

    28. Keep Calm Novel On says:
      The author provided a copy of the eBook in exchange for an honest review.In the Eye of the Storm picks up where Storm and Silence left off The transition between books is seamless Robert Thier has perfected the historical fiction genre in this well written sequel that includes adventure, romance, gender equality, and humor.The meticulously layered plot moves quickly Thier s attention to detail is thorough The author keeps the reader in anticipation of what is next The twists and turns continuall [...]

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