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Welcome Home

Welcome Home Welcome Home collects a number of adoption themed fictional short stories and brings them together in one anthology from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors The all star roster includes

  • Title: Welcome Home
  • Author: EricSmith Adi Alsaid Randy Ribay Nic Stone Dave Connis Helene Dunbar Libby Cudmore Lauren Gibaldi
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome Home collects a number of adoption themed fictional short stories, and brings them together in one anthology from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors The all star roster includes Edgar award winner Mindy McGinnis, New York Times bestselling authors C.J Redwine The Shadow Queen and William Ritter Jackaby , and acclaimed YA authors across all genreWelcome Home collects a number of adoption themed fictional short stories, and brings them together in one anthology from a diverse range of celebrated Young Adult authors The all star roster includes Edgar award winner Mindy McGinnis, New York Times bestselling authors C.J Redwine The Shadow Queen and William Ritter Jackaby , and acclaimed YA authors across all genres, like Adi Alsaid, Lauren Gibaldi, Sangu Mandanna, Karen Akins, and many .

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    • [PDF] Read ↠ Welcome Home : by EricSmith Adi Alsaid Randy Ribay Nic Stone Dave Connis Helene Dunbar Libby Cudmore Lauren Gibaldi
      373 EricSmith Adi Alsaid Randy Ribay Nic Stone Dave Connis Helene Dunbar Libby Cudmore Lauren Gibaldi

    About Author

    1. EricSmith Adi Alsaid Randy Ribay Nic Stone Dave Connis Helene Dunbar Libby Cudmore Lauren Gibaldi says:
      Eric Smith is an author, blogger, and literary agent from New Jersey.He Young Adult books include Inked Bloomsbury, 2015 , Branded Bloomsbury, 2017 , the anthology Welcome Home Flux, 2017 , and the upcoming novel The Girl the Grove, due out May 2018 His first humor book, THE GEEK S GUIDE TO DATING, was published with Quirk Books in December 2013, and has sold into eight languages.When he isn t busy working on his own books, he works representing YA, sci fi, fantasy, and quirky non fiction with P.S Literary.You can find him on Twitter at ericsmithrocks You can learn about his books, and his authors, on his official website.

    Comment 165 on “Welcome Home

    1. C.J. says:
      Super excited to be part of such an important anthology.

    2. Hristina says:
      I liked the idea behind this collection than I liked the collection Short stories about adoption, all of them with happy endings Yes please But the execution let me down a little, I feel like most of the stories were rushed and ended abruptly It was of a glimpse into a story, then a story itself There s a lot of interesting glimpses into potentially beautiful stories, making me wish there was at least a little bit .What was absolutely enjoyable though was the abundance of different writing sty [...]

    3. Elise (TheBookishActress) says:
      This was written with the intention of giving adopted kids stories of their own, which is a great idea, and I m sure if I were adopted this might be easier to connect with The problem is that all the stories are only around ten pages Ten pages is just not enough to come up with a coherent plot and character development, no matter the talent of the author At some point I decided I didn t want to keep going with this it was clear that though many were very talented, almost none of the authors were [...]

    4. Chelsea says:
      A lot of strong, heatwarming stories in this adoption centered anthology I m not a huge anthology person, so I gave it a 3.5 overall Some stories were awesome, some were okay, didn t hate any of them This anthology probably has the most authors I have ever seen in one anthology, so the stories were all pretty short, almost like flash fiction Recommended for people who enjoy short story collections Welcome HomeCarlos and the Fifteen Year Old Heart by Adi Alsaid 4 starsWell written but had instalo [...]

    5. Liza Wiemer says:
      I m really looking forward to reading this What many people DO NOT know about me is that I have had an adopted brother There s an intense story there, one perhaps I ll share write about one of these days.But it does remind me of this Remember, be kind and compassionate to people Unless you live with someone, you really don t know what goes on behind closed doors, and even then, within your own home, you may not know everything Be very careful with your assumptions and judgments xxThis is a defin [...]

    6. Tasha (faeriedrugs) says:
      3.5 starsI do have ratings for each individual story which I will add later if I remember Overall I enjoyed this anthology I have no experience with any kind of adoption process but I really hope these stories can help others, who might have been through similar things, feel heard Some of the stories are really short and I personally didn t get a lot out of a few but there are definitely some goodies in there.

    7. Jen says:
      OhMyHeartis book should come with a pallet not a box of tissues.My Top 5 in no particular order The Take BackPeace of PaperUp By A MillionThese Broken StarsInk Drips Black Read it.

    8. Natasha Sinel says:
      I am so excited to be a part of this Can t wait to hold it in my hands.

    9. La La says:
      This was one of those anthologies I have talked about before where a publishing house this time it was an agent gets a couple of high profile authors to contribute stories to a themed anthology and then they fill the rest of the book with unknown, some even previously unpublished, writers Collections like this are usually less than 50% good, and that would be okay if the publisher only charged 1.99, or even better, 99 for the ebook because they are basically promotional samplers This ebook is 8. [...]

    10. Sophiesticated says:
      Individual Thoughts On The Stories 1 Carlos and The Fifteen Year Old Heart by Adi Alsaid 4 5 starsThis was one of the stories that I remember the most Maybe it is because it was the first one I read, the first one that introduced me to the anthology, or maybe because the elements of this first short tale surprised me a lot I don t want to give anything about this one away, though.All I m going to say about Adi Alsaid s short story was that I really liked it The narration was soothing and it flow [...]

    11. Amber says:
      A mixed bag, but there are some goodies in it.I received an ecopy of this through netgalley however all opinions are my own.

    12. Holly says:
      Carlos and the Fifteen Year Old Heart by Adi Alsaid was eh I think I got what he was going for, but it just didn t click well for me 2 stars Strong Enough by Karen Atkins twisted the topic of adoption through a superhero storyline So that was interesting, but I wish it d been longer I know it s an anthology and these are supposed to be short, but it really didn t feel like, well, enough Also, if you took out the fact that the MC was adopted by non supers, it would not be in this collection, so t [...]

    13. Brenda Drake says:
      Gripping my heart and holding it until the final page, I cried, I laughed, and stayed up late reading the many stories in this anthology Home comes in many sizes and colors, and it s the characters and the love they share that make the many stories of this anthology real I have personal experience with adoption My daughter came to me fresh out of eighth grade from a troubled home She s become so much a part of my life that it feels like she s always been here The many genres of stories in this a [...]

    14. Stephanie says:
      I m honored and excited to be a part of this short story collection focusing on adoption stories The book releases September 5, 2017

    15. YA and Wine says:
      This is really special anthology All of the contributors s lives have been touched by adoption in some way, and I feel that their experiences certainly came through in the stories they ve created, and Eric Smith has done a tremendous job putting them all together I m a huge fan of anthologies, and this is one that I have really been looking forward to for a while now.There is just about every kind of story you could imagine about adoption in this collection from the beautiful and heartwarming to [...]

    16. Ava says:
      This is a case of It s not you, it s me , because I need to stop reading anthologies I just don t like them I liked the theme of adoption here, and think this book will do so much, and I did like some of the storiesbut I also disliked some I would recommend this book, and think it contains some great stories and messages, but naturally all of them just weren t for me, and I m disappointed that I didn t like it .

    17. Hanna Fogel says:
      Anthologies can be difficult, but boy does this one get it right I didn t connect with every single story, but the majority made me wish they were excerpts from longer books, which I d call a success Lots of perspectives on adoption that readers might not anticipate, in the best way.

    18. Leah says:
      With nearly thirty short stories to be found within this novel, there is an assortment of different settings and storytelling techniques for a reader to choose from and enjoy This collection of stories is at times heartbreaking while, at others, it s like a balm to soothe your wounded heart.Check out the full review on my blog

    19. Nicole Hewitt says:
      This review and many can be found on my blog Feed Your Fiction AddictionI was really excited to read this anthology because of my personal connection to adoption my youngest is adopted The very first story threw me a bit because it was so very strange And there was one story that was downright negative toward adoption especially international adoption by Christians and made me sad, even though I know these situations exist and need to be talked about In general, the stories were very short, whi [...]

    20. Kristi Housman Confessions of a YA Reader says:
      I enjoyed every story in Welcome Home I rated each story separately 3 4 meant that I liked the story and how it was presented 4 1 2 5 meant that I really wanted to the stories Something connected to me a bit in those ones Overall, I gave the book 4 stars.Carlos and the Fifteen Year Old Heart by Adi Alsaid 4 starsStrong Enough by Karen Akins 4 starsThe Sign by Erica M Chapman 4 stars Up by a Million by Caela Carter 5 stars This one stood out a bit than some of the others An 18 year old visits [...]

    21. Samantha says:
      WELCOME HOME is a collection of stories about adoption from a number of perspectives, from teens who are meeting their birth parents for the first time to ones choosing whether or not to have their own children up for adoption There is a wide variety of authors from C.J Redwine to Eric Smith also the editor of the collection to Sangu Mandanna Anthologies are some of the hardest books to review, particularly in this case The voices, genres, and perspectives range across the board, bound by the co [...]

    22. Rachel Marie says:
      As always, it s very hard for me to review an anthology Of course there are stories that I liked, and some that I didn t I think this is an important one, with stories that are very needed in YA, especially.In general, I think this anthology had a good mix, both in genre of stories and voice Some will be good for younger audiences, and I think some will speak to older audiences The running theme of adoption is such an important one.Ultimately I felt that as a whole, this book fell a little flat [...]

    23. USOM says:
      Disclaimer I received this free book from the editor This has not impacted my review which is unbiased and honest Welcome Home features stories that blur the magical with the ordinary with the thread of adoption connecting them all There s mermaids, moments stuck in 1985, and superheroes The collection features short stories of various lengths, and I do mean short They pack a punch in few words There is hope and heartbreak within one story All in all this was an emotional read for me about the d [...]

    24. Beth says:
      I am getting really frustrated with please understand that it isn t the author i won a kindle copy of this book through and didn t get it I am not sure what is going on but I apparently have won 3 books from different authors and not gotten any of them Not sure what is going on with or just not sure I think it needs to be known not sure what we the reader can do so frustrating.

    25. Rachel Strolle says:
      Favorite stories are from Sangu Mandanna, William Ritter, and Tristina WrightThis is one of those anthologies that, while there were definitely stories I was not a super fan of, I think it is so wonderful that it exists I always struggle with recommendations when people ask me for books with main characters who were adopted, so having this as an option really will help in that regard

    26. Hannah (Sakurahan or ForeverBooks18) says:
      I read about half of the novellas Some were good, some weren t so good but the main problem I had with this was that all the novella s were by different authors Yes, they all centred around adoption but one was set in the real world and one was set in space

    27. jv poore says:
      This collection of short stories about adoption is outstanding With each story written by a different author, your Want to Read list may grow exponentially mine did.

    28. Kelly Tse says:
      This beautiful anthology focuses on the overall theme of adoption and family and love, but that is the only thing tying all these stories together These stories vary drastically there are 29 of them , and they cover all sorts of topics from superheroes to kidnappings, from tragedies to discoveries, from love to love to love These are stories of love, family, and hope Of the different shapes that families can take, and the fact that blood isn t the only thing that binds a family Of the resilience [...]

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