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In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper

In Sunlight or In Shadow Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper Edward Hopper is surely the greatest American narrative painter His work bears special resonance for writers and readers and yet his paintings never tell a story so much as they invite viewers to fin

  • Title: In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper
  • Author: Lawrence Block Edward Hopper Stephen King Justin Scott Jonathan Santlofer Jeffery Deaver Lee Child Gail Levin
  • ISBN: 9781681772455
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Edward Hopper is surely the greatest American narrative painter His work bears special resonance for writers and readers, and yet his paintings never tell a story so much as they invite viewers to find for themselves the untold stories within So says Lawrence Block, who has invited seventeen outstanding writers to join him in an unprecedented anthology of brand new stor Edward Hopper is surely the greatest American narrative painter His work bears special resonance for writers and readers, and yet his paintings never tell a story so much as they invite viewers to find for themselves the untold stories within So says Lawrence Block, who has invited seventeen outstanding writers to join him in an unprecedented anthology of brand new stories In Sunlight or In Shadow The results are remarkable and range across all genres, wedding literary excellence to storytelling savvy.Contributors include Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Robert Olen Butler, Michael Connelly, Megan Abbott, Craig Ferguson, Nicholas Christopher, Jill D Block, Joe R Lansdale, Justin Scott, Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Warren Moore, Jonathan Santlofer, Jeffery Deaver, Lee Child, and Lawrence Block himself Even Gail Levin, Hopper s biographer and compiler of his catalogue raison e, appears with her own first work of fiction, providing a true account of art theft on a grand scale and told in the voice of the country preacher who perpetrated the crime.In a beautifully produced anthology as befits such a collection of acclaimed authors, each story is illustrated with a quality full color reproduction of the painting that inspired it.

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    • ☆ In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper ✓ Lawrence Block Edward Hopper Stephen King Justin Scott Jonathan Santlofer Jeffery Deaver Lee Child Gail Levin
      283 Lawrence Block Edward Hopper Stephen King Justin Scott Jonathan Santlofer Jeffery Deaver Lee Child Gail Levin

    About Author

    1. Lawrence Block Edward Hopper Stephen King Justin Scott Jonathan Santlofer Jeffery Deaver Lee Child Gail Levin says:
      Lawrence Block has been writing crime, mystery, and suspense fiction for than half a century He has published in excess oh, wretched excess of 100 books, and no end of short stories.Born in Buffalo, N.Y LB attended Antioch College, but left before completing his studies school authorities advised him that they felt he d be happier elsewhere, and he thought this was remarkably perceptive of them.His earliest work, published pseudonymously in the late 1950s, was mostly in the field of midcentury erotica, an apprenticeship he shared with Donald E Westlake and Robert Silverberg The first time Lawrence Block s name appeared in print was when his short story You Can t Lose was published in the February 1958 issue of Manhunt The first book published under his own name was Mona 1961 it was reissued several times over the years, once as Sweet Slow Death In 2005 it became the first offering from Hard Case Crime, and bore for the first time LB s original title, Grifter s Game is best known for his series characters, including cop turned private investigator Matthew Scudder, gentleman burglar Bernie Rhodenbarr, globe trotting insomniac Evan Tanner, and introspective assassin Keller.Because one name is never enough, LB has also published under pseudonyms including Jill Emerson, John Warren Wells, Lesley Evans, and Anne Campbell Clarke s magazine appearances include American Heritage, Redbook, Playboy, Linn s Stamp News, Cosmopolitan, GQ, and The New York Times His monthly instructional column ran in Writer s Digest for 14 years, and led to a string of books for writers, including the classics Telling Lies for Fun Profit and The Liar s Bible He has also written episodic television Tilt and the Wong Kar wai film, My Blueberry Nights.Several of LB s books have been filmed The latest, A Walk Among the Tombstones, stars Liam Neeson as Matthew Scudder and is scheduled for release in September, 2014 is a Grand Master of Mystery Writers of America, and a past president of MWA and the Private Eye Writers of America He has won the Edgar and Shamus awards four times each, and the Japanese Maltese Falcon award twice, as well as the Nero Wolfe and Philip Marlowe awards, a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Private Eye Writers of America, and the Diamond Dagger for Life Achievement from the Crime Writers Association UK He s also been honored with the Gumshoe Lifetime Achievement Award from Mystery Ink magazine and the Edward D Hoch Memorial Golden Derringer for Lifetime Achievement in the short story In France, he has been proclaimed a Grand Maitre du Roman Noir and has twice been awarded the Societe 813 trophy He has been a guest of honor at Bouchercon and at book fairs and mystery festivals in France, Germany, Australia, Italy, New Zealand, Spain and Taiwan As if that were not enough, he was also presented with the key to the city of Muncie, Indiana But as soon as he left, they changed the locks LB and his wife Lynne are enthusiastic New Yorkers and relentless world travelers the two are members of the Travelers Century Club, and have visited around 160 countries.He is a modest and humble fellow, although you would never guess as much from this biographical note.

    Comment 685 on “In Sunlight or In Shadow: Stories Inspired by the Paintings of Edward Hopper

    1. Kemper says:
      Don t you hate it when you re hoping for great and get merely pretty good instead I was really excited about this going in Lawrence Block edited a collection of short stories in which each one was based on an Edward Hopper painting, and the writers include some of my favorites like Stephen King, Megan Abbott, and Joe Lansdale as well as many other publishing heavyweights What s not to like Sadly, this is one where the concept was better than the execution Block s introduction certainly got my ho [...]

    2. Char says:
      In Sunlight or in Shadowhas an intriguing premise Within you will find short stories based upon the paintings of Edward Hopper One doesn t need to be familiar with Hopper s work to enjoy this book Each tale is prefaced with information about the author and an image of the painting on which the story was based These were my favorites SOIR BLEU based on the painting below by Robert Olen Butler I m a horror fan and this story features a creepy clown How could I go wrong The best part of this one wa [...]

    3. Andrew Smith says:
      Edward Hopper, who s he That was my initial reaction on opening up this anthology But I d loved the idea of a collection of short stories written by established writers, gathered together by one of my favourite scribes, Lawrence Block I was soon to find out that Hopper s paintings have quality that would draw me in They are voyeuristic views of a lone person in a room or maybe a small disjointed group sitting in a diner or just a view of rooftops from a window They re simple but suggestive of so [...]

    4. PattyMacDotComma says:
      5 Superb Oh, how intriguing If you ve ever seen any Edward Hopper paintings, you ll understand how evocative they are of time, place, situation a peek at somebody s private moment where you re longing to eavesdrop It s impossible not to wonder about them Block puts it this way Hopper was neither an illustrator nor a narrative painter His paintings don t tell stories What they do is suggest powerfully, irresistibly that there are stories within them, waiting to be told He shows us a moment in tim [...]

    5. Navidad Thelamour says:
      Short stories hold a power that longer works of fiction do not have the advantage of they can pack a hard punch that ll knock your socks off in mere minutes, spilling uplifting joy, heart wrenching pain or newly provoked thought from readers all in one fell swoop This, of course, is because they are so much concentrated than their longer counterparts, doing away with excess prose and condensing the narrative arc into a matter of pages rather than chapters For this reason, some of my favorite re [...]

    6. Karl says:
      This is a wonderfully produced book with a totally interesting concept To quote some of the dust jacket In A Beautifully produced anthology as benefits such a collection of acclaimed authors, each story is illustrated with a full color reproduction of the painting that inspired it If one is not familure with the paintings of Edward Hopper than this is a great opportunity to become so, without shelling out some big bucks for an art book.I have to be honest, I was not familure with all of the auth [...]

    7. Mike says:
      First off I really liked the idea this book is based on To whit a bunch of writers were given a picture painted by Edward Hopper and based a short story around it Now Hopper is one of my favorite American artists and has some gorgeous paintings The famous Nighthawks Room in New York CityRooms by the SeaEleven A.M.So I was pretty excited to see what sort of stories these paintings could inspire and, for the most part, was not disappointed As with every anthology there will be good stories and bad [...]

    8. Connie says:
      Paintings by realist American artist Edward Hopper are the inspiration for this anthology of short stories by 17 different authors Hopper s paintings show deep contrasts of light and shadows, some near the sea and others in the city Figures tend to be solitary or uncommunicative couples They are quiet, introspective, and possibly troubled While the chosen paintings don t actually tell a story, they invite the viewer or the short story writer to imagine what could be happening.I enjoyed almost al [...]

    9. Cody | codysbookshelf says:
      3.5 stars rounded up In Sunlight or in Shadow is an intriguing collection of short stories by several authors well known and unknown alike , all inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper I, admittedly, was not very aware of of Edward Hopper before reading this book As it turns out, I was familiar with his painting Nighthawks, as I m sure most folks are If you re not sure about it, run over to Google and see I ll wait okay, you re back Cool While I love that painting, it s not my favorite in the [...]

    10. Terri Jacobson says:
      4.5 stars rounded up.I love this book of short stories based on the paintings of Edward Hopper Lawrence Block, well known author and editor of mystery and suspense fiction, edits this book There are 17 stories, with authors like Stephen King, Jeffery Deaver, Joyce Carol Oates, and even Gail Levin, Hopper s biographer Many of the authors are well known in the mystery crime suspense field One of my favorite stories, Taking Care of Business, is written by Craig Ferguson, a Scottish comedian who use [...]

    11. Димитър Цолов says:
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    12. J.K. Grice says:
      The idea behind this book is superb A selection of colored plates featuring Edward Hopper paintings are accompanied by the stories they inspired from famous writers The stories range from noir to the everyday to the supernatural Some actually seem like character studies I loved everything about this book.

    13. Gabriela Kozhuharova says:
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    14. Charles Finch says:
      My review from USA Today This absolutely superb anthology starts out with two advantages a true legend at the helm, in crime writer Lawrence Block, and a fascinating concept If you know only one picture by Edward Hopper, it s likely Nighthawks, his 1942 depiction of the lonely inhabitants of a caf late at night But most of his paintings share its tone of melancholy and mystery, and so do the stories that they ve inspired in this collection, many of which are set during the Depression Block s clo [...]

    15. Paula Cappa says:
      If you love crime stories, this anthology is quite good The idea of these famous authors writing stories inspired from Edward Hopper paintings is fabulous and most of the stories are quite satisfying Best one is Megan Abbott s Girlie Show for storytelling and characterization loved it Robert Olen Butler s Soir Bleu is remarkable and spooky and will linger in your mind for days I couldn t stop reading Rooms by the Sea by Nicholas Christopher Anthologies are such a treat because you can experience [...]

    16. Stewart Tame says:
      I won an ARC of this book in a giveaway The book is due to be published in early December it s currently October as I write this I confess to a small thrill at the fact all stories were commissioned for this anthology that I got a two month lead on the general public reading a brand new Stephen King story.As the title says, all the stories in this book were inspired by Edward Hopper s paintings Each story is accompanied by the painting which inspired it, which is nice In the ARC, they re all in [...]

    17. Karen • The Book Return says:
      A copy of this book was given to me by the publisher This doesn t affect my rating of the book Read this review and on my blog.The Book Return BlogI am normally not a short story reader but the premise of the book intruded me Edward Hopper was an iconic American realist painter He is known for his paintings that catch an instant of time in everyday life Often you are left wondering what the stories of the people in the painting are His most famous painting is of a diner seen from the outside at [...]

    18. Maria Novella says:
      Ombre una raccolta di racconti ispirati ad alcuni tra i numerosi dipinti di Edward Hopper.I dipinti di Hopper sono particolarmente affascinanti, proprio perch soffermandosi ad osservarli si possono immaginare tante storie diverse Ho avuto la fortuna di poter visitare una mostra a lui dedicata, ed incredibile quanto ci si senta attratti dalle sue tele, quanto sia impossibile non immaginare che storia possa nascondersi all interno delle sue opere.Questa raccolta cerca proprio questo Fornire una tr [...]

    19. Cindy Burnett says:
      4.5 5 starsThe instant I saw the cover of this book I knew I wanted to read it In Sunlight or In Shadow is such a clever idea each writer chosen to participate picked a different painting by Edward Hopper and then created his or her own story about the subject matter of the painting he she chose The results are for the most part spectacular As in any short story collection, some stories are better than others one or two fell flat enough that I had to just move on without finishing that particula [...]

    20. Ronald Koltnow says:
      It is a cliche that every picture tells a story As a corollary, every good story has a visual dimension, a cinematic quality IN SUNLIGHT OR IN SHADOW is an anthology of seventeen stories inspired by the paintings of Edward Hopper Hopper s art lends itself to this sort of interpretation they feature people with a shadow of regret or dread on their faces and places that look relieved to be left on their own The paintings are sort of noir as is The contributors, ranging from an art historian to Ste [...]

    21. Elke says:
      I ve never been a big fan of short stories, but recently there seem to be and collections and anthologies that catch my interest, as did this book First, because of the paintings, as I only knew the Nighthawks and a couple other pictures by Hopper and was delighted to get a peek at some of his other work Second, because of the authors, which include some I know and like very well Stephen King being my all time favorite , others I m glad to get to know better Joyce Carol Oates, Joe R Lansdale, [...]

    22. Gina says:
      I m a huge fan of Hopper s paintings I ve only been privileged enough to see a few originals in museums, but each time I do I m in awe at the skill and quiet emotion My own art photography has been heavily influenced by Hopper So, how could I not read a collection that combines some of my favorite authors Lawrence Block, Stephen King, Joyce Carol Oates, Michael Connelly, etc and Hopper s work Unfortunately, it is meh than wow Two were big standouts The Music Room by Stephen King which details a [...]

    23. Richard Newton says:
      Generally mediocre, with a few high spots The book starts with a nice concept take an artist s work and a group of authors and get each of them to write a short story from the inspiration from one of the artist s paintings I started with high hopes, but was soon disappointed The first few short stories make this feel like a school project than serious work from experienced authors There are a few high spots, such as Taking Care of Business but not too many.

    24. Alfonso D'agostino says:
      Non che ho smesso di leggere.Ho smesso di scrivere, anche e soprattutto perch gli ultimi due mesi sono stati dedicati ad un trasloco che, per la quantit di cose libri che io e MoglieRiccia abbiamo accumulato, ha assunto rapidamente le dimensioni di un esodo biblico.Tra i volumi che mi hanno accompagnato in questo periodo di cui racconter segnalo immediatamente una raccolta di racconti che, per una volta, non ho trascinato alla cassa solo per gli autori coinvolti ma anche e soprattutto per l argo [...]

    25. Mount Prospect Public Library says:
      Paintings are both a reflection of story and an invitation to create story We look at art and think about what is happening, what has happened, and what might happen next So, it isn t a far reach to use the creations of a single artist to be the theme for an anthology of short stories, and Edward Hopper provides a wealth of inspiration Hopper has been called the painter of American loneliness, which is an evocative enough label, and here his works are catalysts for an impressive list of authors [...]

    26. Ann Moody says:
      I read several reviews before posting, and I am not very surprised that they are inconsistent They would almost have to be The sheer diversity of storytelling styles in this project means that there is probably something for everyone, but if you like some you may well not like the others Still I was happy to read them all and in the process learned a few things about myself For instance, after some 50 years at this reading game, I finally realized I don t like stories without an ending, and thin [...]

    27. Terry says:
      Is there such a genre as noirshort stories If so, this is a collection of them Some good, some memorable, some forgettable each taint a specific Hopper painting Even though there are different authors for each short story, the voice sounds the same to me in each story No matter, they are for the most part enjoyable reads.

    28. Tracy says:
      This was an amazing lineup of writers, and what a great introduction for me to of Hopper s work Nighthawks has always been a favorite for me, and I greatly enjoyed seeing the others Might have a visit to the Art Institute in my future

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