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The Sage and the Scarecrow

The Sage and the Scarecrow Six months after his father has died from cancer Pierce finds himself in a state of anxiety and crisis The book follows Pierce through a journey to find his best friend and the only person he thinks

  • Title: The Sage and the Scarecrow
  • Author: Daniel Clausen
  • ISBN: 9781591133018
  • Page: 132
  • Format: Paperback
  • Six months after his father has died from cancer, Pierce finds himself in a state of anxiety and crisis The book follows Pierce through a journey to find his best friend and the only person he thinks can cure him.

    • [PDF] Unlimited ✓ The Sage and the Scarecrow : by Daniel Clausen
      132 Daniel Clausen
    The Sage and the Scarecrow

    About Author

    1. Daniel Clausen says:
      Daniel has wanted to be a writer ever since he was in elementary school.He has published stories and articles in such magazines as Slipstream, Black Petals, Spindrift, Zygote in my Coffee, and Leading Edge Science Fiction and many others He has written six books The Sage and the Scarecrow a novel , the Lexical Funk a short story collection , Reejecttion short story essay collection , ReejecttIIon A Number Two, short story essay collection , Something to Stem the Diminishing short story essay collection , and The Ghosts of Nagasaki a novel.

    Comment 821 on “The Sage and the Scarecrow

    1. Daniel Clausen says:
      At the moment, I m rewriting the chapters of this novel as 3 4 page short stories Just like in 2002 and 2003, I m treating this writing project as a spiritual journey I hope to post of these chapters on my blog in the coming months Until then, you can read the first one right here author_blog

    2. Anna says:
      An old boyfriend from high school wrote this, and I am so proud of him I have to say he is an incredibly talented writer and everyone should read his work, because one day he is going to be insanely famous.

    3. Jazz says:
      This novel is highly original, it is written in an incredible way It is a love story, but it is also than that It is a true tale of self discovery, of the human psyche It is written in first person told through the words of the main character, Pierce Williams, who is extremely loveable in an unusual way He thinks far too much, is a very private, withdrawn individual, probably a little too serious for a guy of his privilege and age and definitely pessimistic We come to know him through his rambl [...]

    4. Alex says:
      Writing a first person novel whose narrator and main character is an alienated, profoundly cynical, post adolescent faces numerous obstacles, not the least of which is Mount Catcher in the Rye, at whose base lie several generations of yellowing manuscripts, most derivative of Salinger s novel to a greater or lesser degree.Daniel Clausen s The Sage and the Scarecrow tracks a few days in the life of Pierce Williams, an undergrad at an unnamed Florida university The time is unspecified, but people [...]

    5. Kathy says:
      This book came in a rather difficult to read format on my kindle, and it was hard to get through it This is the story of Pierce Williams, whose father recently died from cancer and who is trying to come to terms with this and with himself The reader follows Pierce through many venues, and finally to Florida, where he hopes to find his once upon a time love Jennifer, who he is sure can solve his dilemma A lot of the book was filled with intellectualism, which the reader must work through and figu [...]

    6. Steve says:
      Having read a short story version of this in The Lexical Funk, I was excited to read the whole thing The Sage and the Scarecrow is a much serious and philosophical story than the rest of the stories in The Lexical Funk.The story relays the experiences of a young college student who has lost both of his parents and is struggling to find his way in the world The story is told from his own first person perspective.The Sage and the Scarecrow is riddled with intellectualism, though it s largely left [...]

    7. Melissa says:
      I won this on a First Reads Giveaway This was very difficult for me to finish, but because I had won it, I felt I needed to give a fair review and read it through to the end Pierce is a college age student who recently lost his father to cancer He is very quirky a bookworm with a an intellectual and philosophical edge who hapens to think often about Jennifer, a good friend he really loves, who is no longer in his life The cohesiveness of the book is basically a string of converstations with vari [...]

    8. Francine says:
      Thank you to Daniel Clausen for the honour of reading and reviewing Sage and Scarecrow Sage and Scarecrow is centered around the life of Pierce, a strange young man who seems to have many odd issues including an obsession with the life of Orson Wells, doesn t like being touched, likes to be alone and seems to have some form of social anxiety, maybe even a form of Asperger s Syndrome Throughout the book the reader follows Pierce and observes his relationship with various friends, professors, stal [...]

    9. Liz says:
      I won this as a Good Reads First Reads Giveaway The story is about a college student who suddenly finds himself very depressed since his father has recently died from cancer.He decides to leave his studies and take a trip to find his supposedly best friend , Jennifer, with whom he has had no contact for quite some time He thinks this girl will be able to help him I have to say I can t give it a higher rating as I really didn t enjoy the book as much as I had hoped It s only 139 pages and took me [...]

    10. Carol says:
      I am sorry I did not enjoy this book The best part was the last part of the last line lets face it, Jennifer would be a lot better off without me It wasn t the lack of skill in writing this book, it was the subject matter Think it would have been better as a short story It was ironic, the book opens with him not really dealing with a manipulative and deceptive person but as the book evloved all I wanted to do is to say to him, stop dilly dallying around and hit the books the textbooks It is very [...]

    11. Diane says:
      This book centered around the life of a disillusioned university student named Pierce He has just lost his father to cancer and I don t remember a mother, but he seems to be alone in the world and trying to make sense of things He is still obsessed with an old love named Jennifer who does not share his feelings Basically, it is a story of a young man who doesn t feel like he fits anywhere and is trying to find his place.

    12. bup says:
      This book could be of interest as a study of an author s early work sans editor, and, probably like most people s unedited rough drafts, a bit too Mary Sue and self absorbed I imagine, but do not know, that the work was cathartic for the author, but would need a few times letting the dough rise and rolling it out again before it struck a general audience as interesting than hearing from a stranger what they dreamed last night.

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