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Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

Muncha Muncha Muncha Tippy tippy tippy Pat That s the sound three hungry bunnies make when the sun goes down and the moon comes up and Mr McGreely s garden smells yum yum yummy While s he s dreaming of his mouth wate

  • Title: Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!
  • Author: Candace Fleming G. Brian Karas
  • ISBN: 9781416909682
  • Page: 485
  • Format: Paperback
  • Tippy, tippy, tippy, Pat That s the sound three hungry bunnies make when the sun goes down and the moon comes up and Mr McGreely s garden smells yum, yum, yummy While s he s dreaming of his mouth watering carrots, the bunnies are diving over fences and swimming trenches to get the veggies first Hammer, hammer, hammer, Saw That s the sound Mr McGreely makes when the sunTippy, tippy, tippy, Pat That s the sound three hungry bunnies make when the sun goes down and the moon comes up and Mr McGreely s garden smells yum, yum, yummy While s he s dreaming of his mouth watering carrots, the bunnies are diving over fences and swimming trenches to get the veggies first Hammer, hammer, hammer, Saw That s the sound Mr McGreely makes when the sun comes up and the moon goes down and he sees what those twitch whiskers have done Nibbled leaves Empty stalks Mr McGreely will build something bigger and better, sure to keep even pesky puff tails away.Children will cheer for the bunnies or for Mr McGreely as they delight in Candace Fleming s clever sound effects and G Brian Karas s vibrant, funny illustrations.

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      485 Candace Fleming G. Brian Karas
    Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

    About Author

    1. Candace Fleming G. Brian Karas says:
      I have always been a storyteller Even before I could write my name, I could tell a good tale And I told them all the time As a preschooler, I told my neighbors all about my three legged cat named Spot In kindergarten, I told my classmates about the ghost that lived in my attic And in first grade I told my teacher, Miss Harbart, all about my family s trip to Paris, France.I told such a good story that people always thought I was telling the truth But I wasn t I didn t have a three legged cat or a ghost in my attic, and I d certainly never been to Paris, France I simply enjoyed telling a good story and seeing my listener s reaction.Sure, some people might have said I was a seven year old fibber But not my parents Instead of calling my stories fibs they called them imaginative They encouraged me to put my stories down on paper I did And amazingly, once I began writing, I couldn t stop I filled notebook after notebook with stories, poems, plays I still have many of those notebooks They re precious to me because they are a record of my writing life from elementary school on.In second grade, I discovered a passion for language I can still remember the day my teacher, Miss Johnson, held up a horn shaped basket filled with papier mache pumpkins and asked the class to repeat the word cornucopia I said it again and again, tasted the word on my lips I tested it on my ears That afternoon, I skipped all the way home from school chanting, Cornucopia Cornucopia From then on, I really began listening to words to the sounds they made, and the way they were used, and how they made me feel I longed to put them together in ways that were beautiful, and yet told a story.As I grew, I continued to write stories But I never really thought of becoming an author Instead, I went to college where I discovered yet another passion history I didn t realize it then, but studying history is really just an extension of my love of stories After all, some of the best stories are true ones tales of heroism and villainy made incredible by the fact they really happened.After graduation, I got married and had children I read to them a lot, and that s when I discovered the joy and music of children s books I simply couldn t get enough of them With my two sons in tow, I made endless trips to the library I read stacks of books I found myself begging, Just one , pleeeeease while my boys begged for lights out and sleep Then it struck me Why not write children s books It seemed the perfect way to combine all the things I loved stories, musical language, history, and reading I couldn t wait to get started.But writing children s books is harder than it looks For three years I wrote story after story I sent them to publisher after publisher And I received rejection letter after rejection letter Still, I didn t give up I kept trying until finally one of my stories was pulled from the slush pile and turned into a book My career as a children s author had begun.

    Comment 607 on “Muncha! Muncha! Muncha!

    1. Kathryn says:
      This would make a great read aloud because of all the fun word play I love just saying the cover, Muncha Muncha Muncha and there s lots in the story, too The illustrations are not exactly my cup of tea, but they are very interesting and I enjoyed them What I especially appreciated is that the message of the story is kind of left open to interpretation When the man decides he will finally plant a garden, three bunnies come and muncha muncha muncha on his veggies He is so annoyed that he builds b [...]

    2. Shawn says:
      Here was a fun book about Mr McGreely and his attempts to keep his garden safe from three hungry bunnies.

    3. Melissa says:
      The gardener plants the seeds.The gardener plants the seeds.High ho the derry oh,The gardener plants the seeds.2nd verse The rain falls on the ground.3rd verse The sun shines bright and warm.4th verse The seeds begin to grow.5th verse Flowers grow everywhere.A little sun hold arms above head A little rain wiggle figers in air in downward motion Now pull up all teh weeds pretend to pull weeds Our flowers grow, all in a row hold all ten figers lined up From tiny little seeds hold thumb nad finger [...]

    4. Heidi-Marie says:
      I like these pictures The bunnies are too cute An interesting build on story with a funny ending I think the sounds and actions can work in a storytime I m interested to see what I could do with it, and how the children would react to it.3 31 10 4 1 10 This came off very well in the storytimes I could tell the children loved the story And they were definitely caught be the story and wondering what would happen I did well with the different sounds and actions, but I think I could have done even b [...]

    5. Racheal says:
      So cute And in the world of picture books featuring devious animals, I like this one 100x better than Those Darn Squirrels Our children s librarian, Bekka, recommended it saying it s a really good read aloud and I can totally see that

    6. Emily says:
      This book is delightful I give it five stars because of its delicious language play, the perfect pictures, and the important, though open to interpreation, message I especially like Mr McGreeley clearly a version of Mr McGregor and the clothes and mischievous faces on the three munching bunnies I ve been thinking a lot about food, culture, sustainability, and ownership lately, so I may have overread this book Here are three points or questions that came to me during and after reading 1 Is food, [...]

    7. Jolene Aho says:
      In Muncha, Muncha, Muncha , Mr McGreely is excited to plant a garden for the first time However, he is frustrated each day to find that bunnies have been eating his vegetables His methods to keep bunnies out of his garden become increasingly extreme In the end, he thinks he finally has the bunnies beat This is a picture book, because each page has illustrations, and there is a small amount of text This book is excellent for reading aloud to students The use of repetition and onomatopoeia make it [...]

    8. Annie Friedlander says:
      This is the story of an excited gardner who is soon troubled by rabbits coming to eat his vegetables His small wire fence soon advances to a wall with a trench, and still the rabbits come to muncha, muncha, muncha.This book is filled with fun and repetitive language and a timeless battle between humans and pesky animals in gardens The author captures the farmers emotions through detailed illustrations and fun with the text Readers can relate to the farmers and persistent bunnies alike in this pl [...]

    9. Jill says:
      Children will love the sound effects that Fleming has running throughout the story They cheer for the bunnies to always get to the vegetable garden, or they can cheer for Mr McGreely and his attempts to keep the bunnies out Young children will be able to memorize parts of the story because the bunnies keep the same actions throughout and there is repetition in the action The illustrations are colorful and take up the entire page in many cases.

    10. Samantha says:
      It s bunnies vs Mr McGreely and a garden full of vegetables is on the line No matter what clever scheme Mr McGreely dreams up to keep the bunnies out of the garden, they find their way in and eat all his fresh food.I LOVE this book for reading aloud, especially because the illustrations and the well timed page turns lend themselves very well to predicting what will happen next Plus, kids love the refrain MUNCHA, MUNCHA, MUNCHA Highly recommended for PreK 2.

    11. Heather Bowden says:
      I liked this book It can be used in many ways for literacy It contains a lot of past tense verbs, it has a variety of punctuation, and it has some words that may be hard for students to understand This can be used for a mini lesson teaching on a lot of content areas It will definitely be used in my classroom.

    12. Camille says:
      I don t know I can totally see the cuteness of the book and how you could have fun with it at storytime emoting Mr Greely s frustration, but it just doesn t reach me like some other picture books do This one just isn t for me, that s all, but I know a lot of children s librarians that swear by Muncha

    13. Michele Stalmer says:
      This is an excellent book that is chock full of concepts that can be used in the classroom Some ideas include, cause and effect, sequencing, problem solving, compare and contrast, beginning, middle and end and even a lesson about sharing I loved the word play and the vocabulary.

    14. Esther says:
      Hilarious tale of a farmer and 3 rabbit who out wit him at every turn My 5 year old son thought it was very funny Though it is a simple tale it includes great concepts and easy repetition and rhyming for kids We will continue to read this one again and again.

    15. rhea says:
      Cute, free little book with bunnies that came in our Cheerios.

    16. Dotty says:
      Gardeners beware, if you ve ever battled garden eating animals, this book might give you nightmares My dad would have loved this book

    17. Lana says:
      I like this book because of this phrase but one night, When the sun went down and the moon came up After reading this, something happened in the garden I like also repetition of onomatopoeia I can use this book for the science lesson and engineering project to built a fence to keep rabbits out of a garden There are many positional words in this book like over, under, and around Those are good for preschool and kindergarten aged kids.

    18. Matthew says:
      Kind of a tribute to Peter Rabbit s Mr McGregor, this is the story of Mr McGreely, who wants to grow vegetables but has to outwit the local rabbits It s an ongoing game of one upping between Mr McGreely and the rabbits until Mr McGreely seemingly wins, only to have the whole thing twist in the end All in all, an amusing story with lots of child friendly wordplay I would share this with children.

    19. Stephanie Croaning says:
      I love the idea of using this book with a Novel Engineering activity in school You can read about Novel Engineering here novelengineering Because of the repeated phrases, and cumulative style of storytelling, this would make a read aloud that would easily engage children in grades K 3.

    20. Jennifer says:
      A pretty fun story of how the rabbits won t leave Mr McGreely s garden alone Nice illustrations Nothing super fantastic about this one, but if you a group of preschoolers that really get into doing the sounds then this would be a great read loud on a food, garden, or bunny rabbit theme.

    21. Marisa Severin says:
      Children of all ages can enjoy this story There s repetition and the plot is very interesting The end of the story was pretty funny because just when Mr McGreely thought he finally defeated the pesky rabbits, he didn t I enjoyed this tale It was a great read.

    22. Caroline says:
      A man tries to keep rabbits out of his garden and away from his vegetables.

    23. Donna Mork says:
      Three bunnies drive a man crazy who is just trying to grow a vegetable garden.

    24. Mary says:
      Read Aloud Revival recommendation for April picture books.

    25. Samantha says:
      A classic Perfect for so many different storytimes Love.

    26. Angela says:
      Cute and funny Mr McGreely s grouchy, resigned face on the last page as he shares carrots with the rabbits is priceless The repeated actions and sounds are a great way to encourage children to participate in the reading They could walk on tiptoe for Tippy tippy tippy, jump in place for Spring hurdle, etc This could also be a good story to invite children to make predictions What do they think Mr McGreely and the rabbit s are going to do next Children with a particularly attentive eye might be ab [...]

    27. Shauna says:
      Mr McGreely dreamed of planting a garden One day he decides, This is it I m going to plant a garden He carefully hoes and sows and watches his garden grow Then one night, three cute, but conniving, bunnies sneak into his garden They chomp his blossoms, chew his stems, nibble his leaves and gnaw his sprouts The wordplay is catchy and the darling illustrations intertwine perfectly with the text As Mr McGreely tries harder and harder to allow no bunny to enter his garden, the giggles get bigger and [...]

    28. Vanessa Westen says:
      Mr Greenly has a problem with bunnies in his garden He tries every way he can think of to keep those dang bunnies out and ends up sharing with them anyway Good story to teach kids about engineering.

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