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Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage

Eye of the Storm The Silent Grief of Miscarriage There is no heartbeat Those four words will stay with me forever Sadly about thirty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage and many of those women who have suffered this loss often grieve in silen

  • Title: Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage
  • Author: Rachel McGrath
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • There is no heartbeat Those four words will stay with me forever Sadly about thirty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and many of those women who have suffered this loss often grieve in silence This short novella details the experience of one woman s loss during the early stages of a pregnancy McGrath tells her story with full transparency, sharing all There is no heartbeat Those four words will stay with me forever Sadly about thirty percent of pregnancies end in miscarriage, and many of those women who have suffered this loss often grieve in silence This short novella details the experience of one woman s loss during the early stages of a pregnancy McGrath tells her story with full transparency, sharing all of her raw emotions and baring her soul through an incredibly difficult time This short account provides a heartfelt perspective on a subject that is sometimes still considered taboo.

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    • Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage Best Read || [Rachel McGrath]
      203 Rachel McGrath

    About Author

    1. Rachel McGrath says:
      Rachel McGrath grew up in Brisbane, Australia, where she studied business, before moving to the United Kingdom in her early thirties She currently lives just north of London, where she met and married her husband, and has a professional career in human resources.Rachel has always had a passion for writing both fiction and non fiction Since her early teens, she has created many short stories as well as smaller pieces that have never been published Finding the Rainbow is her first published work, a memoir capturing a difficult time in her life She is passionate about sharing this with a wider audience.Rachel has since written several books, mainly children s fiction.

    Comment 770 on “Eye of the Storm: The Silent Grief of Miscarriage

    1. JAnn Bowers says:
      I came across Rachel s book one night on Twitter and I just had to read it Eye of the Storm is Rachel s story about her loss of her unborn child It meant something very deeply to me and moved my soul to read her words, for I too have suffered the loss of a child Unlike her I got to spend a few months with my daughter My heart broke with each page I turned, but at the same time it gave me peace hearing about someone else s loss Her words made me feel as if I wasn t so alone and that I had a conne [...]

    2. Sharon Brownlie says:
      Rachel McGrath is one very brave, open, and honest woman In her heart wrenching memoir she opens up her heart and soul Although a short read the contents delve so deep into her feelings regarding her grief A very emotive book where grief, loss, and hope are examined As a reader who has never experienced this sense of loss I truly sympathise with the author.In Eye of the Storm, McGrath is not looking for sympathy but somehow her well written story evokes it Her words have clearly been chosen with [...]

    3. Grant Leishman says:
      I had read McGrath s previous memoir Finding the Rainbow before I read her latest effort Eye of the Storm It isn t necessary to have done so but for me, this just gave me a better context in which to evaluate Eye of the Storm This is quite a short book at just 60 pages on Kindle, but those 60 pages are absolutely chock a block full of raw emotion and pain What McGrath had done in this story is to take one of the miscarriage incidents from Finding the Rainbow and examine her feelings and reaction [...]

    4. Peter Best says:
      I read this story in a little less than an hour but I tell you what that hour will stay with me for a long time to come Never have I read such a piece of work that is so honest, open and emotional Rachel s memories of her very sad failed pregnancy is laid out for us all to read and take in She tells her story all the way from her angst before she was due to see the nurse for her scan when she heard those tragic words that turned her life upside down to sometime after when she tells us about all [...]

    5. May Sage says:
      I m not actually sure what to say I ve picked this book because something similar different circumstances has happened to a close relative and I hoped it could make me understand It didn t, because this particular journey is very personal, it digs pretty damn deep into one individual s heart wrenching experience So, no it didn t help me understand her, but all I know after reading that book is that I should have given her a stronger hug The author is right, it is silent grief barely anyone talks [...]

    6. Maria says:
      Rachel McGrath s memoir is a very emotive, personal and informative account of her miscarriage I am in awe and humbled by her courage to share her loss I feel that her book The eye of the Storm sheds light on the devastation of miscarriage and the silent grief that women who suffered miscarriage share.I commend Rachel McGrath for writing about her loss so that others who suffered miscarriage do not feel alienated I also feel this book is a great source for the love ones of those who suffered a m [...]

    7. Amanda Singh says:
      This was a powerful read which held a lump in my throat throughout.Its not a long book, nor should it be Its an open account of one woman s miscarriage, opening up the feelings, experiences and emotions through every stage from finding out the sad news to fully comprehending what it means, coping with the loss and finally looking to move on McGrath makes you visualise yourself in her shoes in a way that is really well done as a reader I felt I was her

    8. Laurie Prim says:
      This is a short but intense missive by the author of Finding The Rainbow, both books deeply painful, yet honest and hopeful accounts of her experience of miscarriage and relentless pursuit of motherhood.In Eye of the Storm, the author writes candidly about so many aspects of miscarriage and multiple miscarriage the unbearable anxiety waiting for an ultrasound the instant of knowing from the look on the tech s face waking each morning only to remember again that you re no longer pregnant being ex [...]

    9. C.N. says:
      Rachel McGrath shows the way on how to treat those in a state of grief for a baby never to be a reality So many swept the sad news under the carpet and pretend it will fade with time and the mother father family will forget They don t There will always be a quiet grief for the missing person Having held a heartbroken, sobbing daughter in my arms when she miscarried her first child and comforted her husband, equally distraught, this is something that should be open and accorded its own grief No, [...]

    10. Brenda Mohammed says:
      I am the mother of two children a boy and a girl I never experienced a miscarriage I have known women who have had miscarriages, but they never went into any detail about what happened or how they felt.The author s story made me realize the pain and loss that these women go through and their silent grief The story was well written One thing stands out and that is the support Rachel had from her husband.That is very admirable.I recommend this book for women who have experienced similar tragedies. [...]

    11. Alison Clifford says:
      This book is a open and honest story of one woman s journey through the heartbreak of the loss of a child It is beautifully expressed and offers a real insight into the grief and struggle of miscarriage, and despite this, ended with a feeling of hope for the future I would recommend this for anyone male, female, whether you ve been through something similar I have , or know someone who has, whether you have want children or not.

    12. May Panayi says:
      This is a heart rending account of a miscarriage, close up on the emotions that happen during the process Really close up, like Tolstoy close up, and it makes you think and empathise how it must feel to go through this experience It s shocking that people in general are so unwilling to talk about it and shy away in some sort of fear or discomfort I was moved And I wish the author well for the future, and may that happy healthy baby come soon.

    13. Angela Lockwood says:
      Kudos to Rachel McGrath for writing such a heartfelt and honest novella about a difficult subject miscarriage I was not aware that as many as 1 in 4 pregnancies fail This book is well written and expresses eloquently some of the feelings many women feel I m sure it will bring solace to someone who has been through the same ordeal The ending of the book is open as some things are not easily explained or solved, but I do hope in time to come there might be a happy ending or follow up.

    14. Petrine says:
      I knew this would be heartbreaking from the outset, but its not depressing.It was told with such severe honesty and in a way that brings you deep into this woman s journey, her heartbreak at losing a pregnancy so early, and the aftermath of her pain and griefrough to resolution and new hopeALLY WELL TOLD

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