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Into the Deep

Into the Deep Set on land and beneath the oceans Into the Deep reveals once again Ken Grimwood s exceptional talent for blending fantasy and reality One part thriller one part spiritual adventure the exhilarat

  • Title: Into the Deep
  • Author: Ken Grimwood
  • ISBN: 9780451406453
  • Page: 257
  • Format: Paperback
  • Set on land and beneath the oceans, Into the Deep reveals, once again, Ken Grimwood s exceptional talent for blending fantasy and reality One part thriller, one part spiritual adventure, the exhilarating story at the heart of Into the Deep involves a hard hitting journalist, a beautiful scientist, a globe traveling engineer, and a venerable Portuguese fisherman Vastly diSet on land and beneath the oceans, Into the Deep reveals, once again, Ken Grimwood s exceptional talent for blending fantasy and reality One part thriller, one part spiritual adventure, the exhilarating story at the heart of Into the Deep involves a hard hitting journalist, a beautiful scientist, a globe traveling engineer, and a venerable Portuguese fisherman Vastly different, their lives are about to intersect and to become irrevocably changed by a school of dolphins as the fate of the world hangs in the balance With the drama that unfolds from a silent war waged at the sea s greatest depths and from a single, fateful discovery, Into the Deep takes a tantalizing glimpse at the optimistic future this planet might achieve if humans and the creatures of the deep could learn to share and defend its remarkable bounty.

    Into the Deep Jan , Netflix s Submarine Murder Doc Into The Deep Is Your Next True Crime Fixation Sundance Review February The Playlist It Was Primarily a Process of Just Grinding It Out. Into the Deep One Man s Story of How Tragedy Took His Into the Deep is the true story of what happened to the Rogers family on that fateful night in August and how, through it all, God s amazing grace sustained a father left to grieve the family he loved Robert s moving story will challenge you to live a life of no regrets, to cherish your loved ones, and Into the Deep by David Sheldon Into the Deep by David Sheldon I had this on my former school library shelf and glanced at it before but didn t realize how absolutely perfect it was for teaching about ecosystems, naturalists, and biographies. Into the Deep ICC Podcast Persecution Join host Jeff King on the Into the Deep podcast, featuring weekly stories from persecuted believers who have suffered for Christ. Citipointe Live Into The Deep Lyrics AZLyrics Into the deep I will go with You Submerge my feet to my head in all of You As Your presence falls I am drowned in Your love Immerse me, immerse me Immerse me, immerse me Immerse me Your love is a flood And I m caught in the current Of Your living waters It s Your love, it s Your love Into the Deep Finding Peace Through Prayer Dan Burke This is an easy, yet deep dive into your prayer life Do not let the size of the book fool you It is small, and yet this can be used at whatever stage your prayer life is at This is authentic Christian prayer no need to worry about New Age stuff creeping in Dan is an amazing teacher and he CITIPOINTE INTO THE DEEP LYRICS Citipointe Into the Deep Lyrics When my hands stretch out towards the sky You never let me run dry When I dive into the depths of You My heart is made anew Jesus in You Wh

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Into the Deep : by Ken Grimwood
      257 Ken Grimwood

    About Author

    1. Ken Grimwood says:
      Ken Grimwood 1944 2003 worked in broadcast journalism for a number of years before retiring in 1988 to write full time He wrote five novels, including the award winning Replay, Breakthrough, and The Voice Outside.

    Comment 677 on “Into the Deep

    1. Evalangui says:
      This is the story Pamela makes into a movie called Starsea in Grimwood s novel Replay , in Replay you get a vague description of the plot and a in depth one of the effect the movie has, that s to say, a worldwide change in perspective for the viewers The real story does not quite live up to what I had imagined but I liked it a lot, especially the second half, where events start succeeding one another at a crazy speed and I realised I cared what happened to the characters human and dolphin even [...]

    2. Drew says:
      I learned from this book that a dolphin m nage trois is even less erotic than one might imagine.

    3. Bridget says:
      There is something about the way Ken Grimwood writes that makes me believe in his stories The ideas are always strange and very fantasy or science fiction driven, but somehow he always gets me on board and leads me down this winding, bizarre path that inevitably ends with me staring at the book when I finish it and only able to utter a single, huh The story is incredibly strange and yet somehow, believable It s also an incredibly exciting read If it weren t for the dolphin aspect, I could easily [...]

    4. Bruce says:
      Your basic dolphin human communication novel.I read this because I liked Grimwood s Replay so much.This is pedestrian doesn t really transcend the too much like regular fiction melodrama of his writing style, takes too long too develop, and then everything ends in a really hasty fashion.An OK read if you have nothing better to do.

    5. Brian says:
      I m not sure where to rate this book within the genre of dolphin fiction or dolphin dramas or even if such a category exists Naturally it reminds me of David Brin s Startide Rising, which also features dolphin characters interacting with humans In this work, Grimwood seems to impart to the dolphins very human thought patterns and actions They work together, they perform research, they have historians, their groups are led by elders, and they are incredibly forgiving of the offenses humanity has [...]

    6. Farhan says:
      An average thriller by the gentleman who is known for his World Fantasy Award winner Replay Into the Deep is about a marine biologist and a journalist who try to communicate with the dolphins Initially scorned, eventually their efforts are successful They discover that the dolphins are trying to warn them about an environmental disaster which is at hand A very tepid read without tight plotting or interesting characters.

    7. Victoria says:
      After finishing and loving Replay, I searched for of Grimwood s other books After reading the description of this ocean science fiction novel, I knew I would just adore it And honestly, running through the back of my mind the entire time I read this, I kept wishing that I had discovered this book when I was younger and even obsessed with ocean creatures This would would have been like heaven back then reading the absolute perfect book Dolphins, orcas even a great white and communicating with p [...]

    8. Claire says:
      Into the Deep takes the well worn concept of sapient dolphins communicating with open minded humans and plays it completely straight, with pretty much everything happening exactly as one would expect from this kind of story No interesting twists, no new ways of looking at cetacean intelligence okay, except for the Source Mind of the whales, that was pretty neat , just comfortable New Age fluff Yet in spite of plot conveniences, a hasty ending, and a not so subtle environmental message, it is wri [...]

    9. Zee says:
      I can t hide that I love Ken Grimwood s writing and the incredible diversity in it All his novels are written and set in a different way I admire that In my head I compare his work to that of the filmmaker Tarkovsky.I have always believed that dolphins are extremely intelligent and I can see that the work of John Lilly has led Grimwood to believe that too It s funny to see that his sci fi book foretells dolphins communicating inbetween each other by transmitting images in the forms of sound only [...]

    10. Alexa says:
      Like Replay, it took a little bit to get into it This one has a my of characters to follow so it s easy to get lost but Grimwood was very good at repeatedly going back to wherever he left the character and picking it up again About a third in, you start flying through it and can t bear to put the book down for long It reminded me of Replay in that sense I understand this book is supposed to be a reference back to Replay I loved Replay and I loved Into the Deep and I m going to read all the other [...]

    11. Sally says:
      Not too many people know about this book It is an adventurous story with a romantic element, but my favorite part was about the dolphins Loved the dialogue that is from first person dolphin I found it very helpful to keep a little notecard handy with the unusual names of the dolphins with brief identifying comments to keep them straight as I read.

    12. Amanda says:
      Oh, whatever dolphins, you suck Some fun parts, some tedious parts, some wacked out fantasy, some wacked out sci fi, and some characters with appropriately Tragic Backstories to sex each other up Whatever, it has an intriuging concept, even if I didn t like it as much as Replay.

    13. Bob Rust says:
      Into the Deep 1995 is a metaphysical sf thriller based on the familiar sf trope of cetacean Intelligence and Communication with rebel dolphins against the wishes of the community Under the Sea reestablishing a contact with humanity that had been broken three millennia previously.

    14. Alex says:
      Thoroughly enjoyed it It s so great when you discover another author who s works you love.

    15. Ipswichblade says:
      Fairly good story about humans and dolphins, nothing special but ok

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