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Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds

Alexandria In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin Sabine Unfolds Matthew You have felt Isabella s heat and the experience unnerved you What if I were to tell you that your fears are back to front that your failure to let go and fully embrace Isabella is the thing

  • Title: Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds
  • Author: Nick Bantock
  • ISBN: 9780811831406
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Matthew You have felt Isabella s heat and the experience unnerved you What if I were to tell you that your fears are back to front, that your failure to let go and fully embrace Isabella is the thing most likely to destroy you That your coming together is an essential part of a grand deisgn Sabine Intrigue turns to danger and romance turns to passion as Matthew SedonMatthew You have felt Isabella s heat and the experience unnerved you What if I were to tell you that your fears are back to front, that your failure to let go and fully embrace Isabella is the thing most likely to destroy you That your coming together is an essential part of a grand deisgn Sabine Intrigue turns to danger and romance turns to passion as Matthew Sedon and Isabella de Reims, lovers separated by continents, struggle to make sense of a world beyond experience Only the guidance of Griffin Moss and Sabine Stroheim experienced navigators of myth and reality can keep them safe In Egypt, mysterious forces vie to keep Matthew away from his archeological dig just as he is about to make a vital discovery, one that may explain his increasingly strange and strong connection with Sabine In the boulevards of Paris, under Griffin s tutelage, Isabella learns to trust her own powerful instincts.

    • ☆ Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds ï Nick Bantock
      350 Nick Bantock
    Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds

    About Author

    1. Nick Bantock says:
      Nick was schooled in England and has a BA in Fine Art painting He has authored 25 books, 11 of which have appeared on the best seller lists, including 3 books on the New York Times top ten at one time Griffin and Sabine stayed on that list for over two years His works have been translated into 13 languages and over 5 million have been sold worldwide Once named by the classic SF magazine Weird Tales as one of the best 85 storytellers of the century He has written articles and stories for numerous international newspapers and magazine s His Wasnick blogs are much followed on Facebook and Twitter His paintings, drawings, sculptures, collages and prints have been exhibited in shows in UK, France and North America In 2010 Nick s major retrospective exhibition opened at the MOA in Denver His works are in private collections throughout the world Nick has a lifetime BAFTA British Oscar for CD Rom Ceremony of Innocence , created with Peter Gabriel s Real World Ceremony soundtrack by Isabella Rossolini and Ben Kingsley He has two ipad apps, Sage and The Venetian and is working on a third Three of his books have been optioned for film and his stage play based on the Griffin and Sabine double trilogy premiered in Vancouver 2006.Produced artwork for over 300 book covers including works by Roth and Updike , illustrated Viking Penguin s new translation of Chaucer s Canterbury Tales He s designed theater posters for the London plays of Tom Stoppard and Alec Guinness For 20 years he s spoken and read to audiences throughout North America, Europe and Australia Given keynote and motivational speeches to corporations and teachers state conferences He s given dramatic readings on the radio and the stage and has been interviewed way too many times for TV, radio and print He s worked in a betting shop in the East End of London, trained as a psychotherapist, designed and had built a house that combined an Indonesian temple and a Russian orthodox church with an English cricket pavilion and a New Orleans bordello Between 2007 and 2010 was one of the twelve committee members responsible for selecting Canada s postage stamps.Among the things he can t do Can t swim, never ridden a horse, his spelling is dreadful and his singing voice is flat as a pancake.Source Nick Bantock profile

    Comment 649 on “Alexandria: In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin & Sabine Unfolds

    1. Amber Ditullio says:
      Note This review covers all three books in the series The Gryphon, Alexandria and The Morning Star The Morning Star Trilogy is the second trilogy of books regarding Griffin and Sabine But this time, Griffin and Sabine are in the background, guiding another pair of lovers together in an effort to stop Frolatti from some horrible plot In the forefront of this story are Matthew Sedon, a young archaeologist in Alexandria with a connection to Sabine she helped deliver him and Isabella de Reims, a stu [...]

    2. Hotavio says:
      Alexandriaperpetuates the story of Griffin and Sabine, two lovers who amalgamated to become the Golden Mean Their existence becomes perplexing as they are clearly cognates of two other lovers, Matthew and Isabelle An enigma begins to unravel as dreams become interpreted and a major archealogical find is unearthed in Egypt Meanwhile, the series antagonist is back in force The art is this book was enjoyable the most of the other books A majority of it uses Egyptian imagery and symbols I also enj [...]

    3. Sarah Bodney says:
      What a joy it was to discover these 6 books some 20 years after the first in the series was published I don t understand how I could have missed them for so long I can only assume it was Frolatti s doing.The Gryphon and Alexandria arrived in the mail today Now I have to wait for The Morning Star to arrive from a second hand book seller on the East coast I can t stand it I could be waiting weeks for that Star to rise It is like waiting for a postcard from a lover far away and in danger.

    4. Jean Fendick says:
      I read griffin and sabine many years ago and found this one in the thrift store the other day I don t remember the whole story but loved the idea of reading personal correspondence and unfolding each letter I don t write or receive many handwritten letters these days it s a pity Just finished and realized I read it out of order but really I don t feel the need to read the books I missed in the series The idea is nice but the story didn t really capture me.

    5. Camilla says:
      So Yeah I have no idea what to say hereI really hope the last one in the series gives me some kind of an ending, to this crazy story, that I ll understand and yeah well, just an ending I ll understand lolI thought the first 3 books were kind of amazing, these last two though The story is getting weirder by every postcard you read I still love the format of the books though Amazing artwork

    6. Spencer says:
      This whole series is exceptional, gorgeous, and romantic, both to read and to look at Read his first trilogy many, many years ago, and have been enchanted ever since I think this is what books like Ship of Theseus and even the Da Vinci Code are trying desperately to emulate, and failing catastrophically A perfect escape

    7. Sarah says:
      These books are strange, but for some reason I keep reading them I did not enjoy this book as much as the others I loved how the majority of it took place in Egypt and the artwork was fabulous as always, but the letters were a tad boring I am hoping that the final book has a good ending and that I am not disappointed.

    8. V. says:
      Beautiful story, so very poetic Apparently part of a series I just bought the previous part , but it stands alone quite well And most of all, this is a beautiful books, the illustrations, the letters that you can unfold everything perfectly crafted Loved it

    9. NaomiRuth says:
      So excited to own this book Only one in the series to find and I ll have all of them.I forgot how central romance, and erotic romance at that, is to the story It makes me wonder, a little, if that is acceptable because this story is written by a man, or because it is acceptable because it is art I wonder if the books would be read differently if Bantock was a woman BUT Those are my anti phallologocentric ideas coming to the surface and don t really have anything to do with the book itself The b [...]

    10. Margi says:
      Griffin and Sabine have disappeared and suddenly Sabine appears and asks for help from and archeologist in Egypt This book is filled with danger and strange forces Matthew and Isabella must unlock the secret world they have become a part of.

    11. Maryanne says:
      Alexandria 10072009 In Which the Extraordinary Correspondence of Griffin Sabine Unfolds by Nick BantockFrom Publishers WeeklyIt s been 11 years since Bantock first introduced the eponymous stars of Griffin Sabine, the beautiful and unusual novel in which the reader became a voyeuristic third party to the lush correspondence between London postcard designer Griffin Moss and South Pacific postage stamp designer Sabine Strohem two subsequent volumes completed the trilogy Last year, Bantock launched [...]

    12. Susan Liston says:
      This review covers all three books in the second Griffin and Sabine trilogy.I received the first trilogy as a gift, and I enjoyed it When I was told there were three books, I rushed to get them But, although they had the same physical beauty and fun of the first set, the story sort of bogged down I thought the magic spark and spooky intrigue pretty much vanished I was just confused and that is annoying the author deliberately being obscure or am I just stupid Either way, I didn t see the point [...]

    13. Lynn says:
      Today s post is on Alexandria by Nick Bantock It is the second in his Morning Star trilogy It is 58 pages long and is published by Chronicle Books The cover is yellow with a postcard in the center of a Hummingbird The intended reader is someone who likes book art, fantasy plots, and reading other peoples mail There is no language, no sex, and no violence in this book The story is told from the first person perspectives of the main characters There Be Spoilers Ahead.From the dust jacket Matthew Y [...]

    14. D.M. says:
      I almost hate to admit it, after the continously diminishing returns the Griffin Sabine trilogy offered, but I really enjoyed this book The focus continues to be on the new correspondents, Matthew and Isabella, but there are changes going on both in them and in their story The nefarious, short lived villain of The Golden Mean, Victor Frolatti, is back and seems intent on making trouble for the new couple, but in a damaging though less direct way than he did previously His inspiration for pursui [...]

    15. A. says:
      The same review is posted for all 3 books in the 2nd Griffin Sabine trilogy the Morning Star trilogy In this series, we meet Isabella and Matthew, whose lives seem to echo Griffin Sabine s in some ways and who seem to be drawn into this sort of supernatural struggle with Griffin Sabine and the sinister villain who is doing whatever he can to change the course of their lives I don t know why, I just didn t like these as much I didn t like Isabella and Matthew s story as much as Griffin and Sabine [...]

    16. Charlene Nelson says:
      As a fan of the Griffin Sabine story, this was a small departure from the original story I was happy to see interaction between Matthew Isabella that brought them into contact with Griffin Sabine I am intrigued about the lives of these characters that Nick Bantock has brought into the world of adventure This book gives of a life to believing that Griffin Sabine are real people and you hope and pray that they will be able to meet and finally have a life together I have learned so much about the [...]

    17. Jen3n says:
      While I have read or looked at, depending on your point of view all of the books in the Griffin and Sabine series, I think Alexandria is my favorite.Describing the plot would be difficult, and anything I could type would probably not make much sense due to the fact that it s a long series and the fact that it s a long weird series I can sum up fairly well by saying this book is a series of gorgeous, hand painted postcards and artistic letters written in various languages by several people, some [...]

    18. Michelle says:
      This is the second book in the second Griffin and Sabine trilogy It takes up where the first left off as we find Griffin corresponding with Isabella and Sabine corresponding with Matthew In this book, the intrigue and suspense increase with the introduction of a villain in particular and a sinister group in general that are menacing Isabella and are after Griffin and Sabine Matthew is working at a dig in Eygpt, where an unusual statue has been revealed The two sets of partners work together to p [...]

    19. Emily says:
      I continue to feel dissatisfied with this second trilogy The characters just know and accept anything I understand having some faith but the added complexity adds little in the way of real depth or understanding It just seems too much and the reader is offered too little in return It is okay to wonder, but not to be so confused Part of me wondered if I just don t get it and maybe I don t but I felt like there was something I had missed reading and that I didn t have access to some part of the st [...]

    20. Bexa says:
      This book has just added to the confusion of the story Crazed man is now after Isabella and Matthew, Sabine is inside Matthew s head, there is an ancient site that holds a mysterious statue that gets broken into but not stolen, somehow the cat is still alive I don t know if it s because I m reading them one right after the other and not giving them time and space in my head to settle and absorb, but while this one was still enjoyable, it was not as fascinating as the others Maybe it s because th [...]

    21. Jay McCue says:
      3.5 stars The artwork is still amazing as always but the letters seemed a little forced in this book just less naturally flowing than previous letters maybe Still have a good amount of questions that I hope are answered in the final book Also have my fingers crossed all of the mythological tie ins and angles are properly explained or explored a little so the reader can make his or her own guess to it all.This volume didn t capture my attention in the same way as the other titles but it being a [...]

    22. Allegra S says:
      Clear as MUD Who s coming Sabine and Griffin People from 20 centuries ago Why does Sabine only talk to Matthew, and Griffin only to Isabella Are they reincarnations of each other The cat Why does she have his cat The only part that really made sense was Griffin describing Thoth, one of my favourite philosophies That one cannot exist without one s opposite, that you must define other before you can define self It s a powerful theory and one that has brought a lot of trouble over the course of hum [...]

    23. Clare says:
      WOW I loan these books out as a set six books because there is no other way to read them Jory is of the opinion that they are perfect for reading as a couple and I agree These books are written in epistolary style, with the letters actually folded up and put in envelopes You take them out to read them It gives me the best feeling of sneaking a look at someone else s correspondence and falling in love with two new people These books are so good Passionate and sexy and funny and beautiful.My cavea [...]

    24. Steph says:
      Alexandria is another of the gorgeous and curious Griffin and Sabine series by Nick Bantock Though nothing can compare to the wonder of reading the intial book in the series for the first time, Alexandria holds its own pretty well as the story continues to unfold One feels a little like a voyeur, opening and reading the letters and beautiful postcards pasted into the book The reader is allowed to create their own story from the glimpses of correspondence between Griffen and Sabnine The mystery c [...]

    25. Barbara says:
      Alexandria continues the Griffin and Sabine correspondence, although the focus has definitely shifted to the adventures of Isabella and Matthew The correspondence is between Isabella and Matthew, Isabella and Griffin, and Matthew and Sabine The love story is solely between Isabella and Matthew, as are the adventures Once again, the story unfolds through the beautiful, yet bizarre letters and postcards As in the other books in this series, reading it makes me want On to Morning Star, the final b [...]

    26. Michael says:
      Alexandria is where the tale of Matthew and Isabella takes a steep dive into the metaphysical realm I would advise taking this one slowly, stopping to consider each letter and postcard separately There are also the most intense declarations of love in the series I did feel like Griffin is taking something of a backseat at this point, and he doesn t seem to be a major part of the story at this point.

    27. Kirsten says:
      My first Nick Bantock novel, although others have been urging me to read his books for years This isn t the first in the series, so it probably didn t make as much sense to me as it would have if I had read the others first, but it was gorgeous and intriguing nonetheless It s also marvelously tactile, something that one doesn t often get in books intended for adults Magical, mysterious, and lovely.

    28. The Night Hawk (Erin) says:
      Again, everything in these stories as become so ambiguous and confusing, i can barely enjoy them I found myself just racing through this one, not really dwelling to try to absorb meaning, because quite frankly, whatever substory is going on underneath what I read, I don t feel like I care any.

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