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Defiance What are you going to do Shane Just drive Get us out of here I demanded I m looking out for you Remember that I m always looking out for you Shane said with a smile Stop it Shane Just drive I screamed

  • Title: Defiance
  • Author: E.M. Jade
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 489
  • Format: ebook
  • What are you going to do Shane Just drive Get us out of here I demanded I m looking out for you Remember that I m always looking out for you Shane said with a smile Stop it Shane Just drive I screamed Trust me when I tell you this Shane reached up and grabbed the sides of my face He smiled a fake smile to ease the situation They will take care of yo What are you going to do Shane Just drive Get us out of here I demanded I m looking out for you Remember that I m always looking out for you Shane said with a smile Stop it Shane Just drive I screamed Trust me when I tell you this Shane reached up and grabbed the sides of my face He smiled a fake smile to ease the situation They will take care of you and protect you from any threat Even from those two slayers out there They ll keep you alive Why would they want me Why would the slayers want to hurt me I asked I don t understand any of this It s because you re too important Shane said as he carefully lifted up my hand and brought it up to his lips I ll find you again I promise After being turned into the one thing Dean hates most in his life of tragedies, he has to cope with his new life and his old memories that he wishes to forget Dean is not alone in thinking he is an abomination, the slayer world he was once a part of, is now after him and anyone else aiding in his survival Dean will stop at nothing to have Mindy in his arms again and to protect her from the fate being forced upon her.In the third installment to The Affliction Series, friendships will be tested, rivalries will unite, and love will dominate his hate.

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    • Defiance Best Read || [E.M. Jade]
      489 E.M. Jade

    About Author

    1. E.M. Jade says:
      E.M Jade is the author of Captivated, The Affliction Series and coming out with two new series, which includes Sleeping Darkness She lives with three crazy kids and her Irish boyfriend, Ryan, that plays a guitar and accepts her randomness for what it is She is a lover of visual arts who needs to be creative or she ll go insane Loves Netflix binging and using her boyfriend as a pillow, cooking, baking, and crafts crafts CRAFTS Have a chat with her at emjade emjadesrealm Visit her website at emjadesrealm for some updates and just about anything related to her writing and projects

    Comment 723 on “Defiance

    1. Alicia says:
      Book Title Defiance Cover released on facebook page

    2. Janysa says:
      Edit If Deb Apodaca s Facebook page gets 4000 likes, she ll moved the release date to 10 15 13 Go like her page now I cannot wait for this book to come out and we have some teasers December feels so far away Teaser 1PrologueAs the clear liquid cascaded down from the angry roaring sky, Crystal gripped the blood bags against her chest, as if they were an infant being protected against any harm The glossy black pavement beneath her feet splashed with every footfall as she ran as fast as she could t [...]

    3. Stephncaitlyn says:
      3.5 stars The story seemed rushed and there were a lot of typos After waiting so long for this book, I was expecting I still love the characters and all the angst It says there is going to be an extended version of Defiance released soon I look forward to reading it.

    4. Lindsay says:
      Found it really short Story ok but too many spelling mistakes Don t leave the next one so long to come out, couldn t remember the last one too well.

    5. Heather says:
      I liked the the first two books a lot better, but this one was still good.

    6. Lauren says:
      Wanted to give it four stars because I loved reading it, but I m irritated with how incredibly short it was and I don t like the new plot twist character or whatever at the end.

    7. Marie Yule says:
      Defiance E.M Jade3.4 4 5 Book 37 150 Challenge I didn t get on with this book as much as the others, I have given a 3.4 4 stars as it s a good story it was just me not enjoying it as much as the others There was a lot going on rescuing Mindy, Deans transformation, the slayers and everything that each character was going through I found it a bit too much to try to concentrate on what was really happening emjade defiance bookreview books bookworm bookcover bookishgirl bookstagram booklover bookpho [...]

    8. Tiffany says:
      I wanted to love this one as much as I loved the first 2 in this series I did enjoy the book, but the grammar errors drove me nuts this time Granted there weren t as many that could ruin the book, but the ones that were there just irked me Alot.I will continue on with the series since I love the characters and want to know what is going to happen to them from here on out If you loved the first 2 in the series, which were amazing, read this one, but be prepared.

    9. Irayda Moran (Quezada) says:
      I just totally love this bookI love Dean I have been on his side from the very beginning Many great surprises I even liked Mindy this time around She worked my nerve in Unattainable She has redeemed herself Plenty of action and great characters This is a great paranormal read Go grab it and happy reading

    10. Tiffany Stevens says:
      I love this series What can I say I can t get enough and when you start the series you will see exactly what I mean Dean and Mindy s story continues and just when you think things can get worse or seems they will get better, they go the complete opposite way No spoilers just anticipation for the 4th book.

    11. Shorty says:
      took a while to get to the big stuff but still amazing So happy with the ending but really wish violet had died Oh well, can t wait till the next installment and their new adventure.

    12. Dena says:
      The book ends for a start of another sequel The first book was the best of all three, this ended abruptly and felt it needed a little romance at the end.

    13. Samantha says:
      What the hell is with all the name changes Deb Apodaca, Raven, and now E.M Jade It s really confusing and it makes it harder to find the books.

    14. Lynne says:
      Amazing book I really love the story line I thought Dean s character was even incredible It is so hard to see him suffer I like that there are other heroes in this book

    15. Alyssa Waldrop says:
      Great bookPage turner Can t wait for the next book Wish it didn t keep switching between characters like it did this time but still a really good read.

    16. Melissa says:
      loved the story and the twistsbut was way too short can t wait for the next one to come out

    17. Summer Peterson says:
      Anyone else pissed that the author is trying to sell this book for 3.99 when there is only 155 pages I liked the book but not this much.

    18. Angie H says:
      Terrible, I haven t even managed to finish it So disappointed with this series, it started out so well.

    19. Haley Sherrill says:
      I m on edge waiting for the next book I wish it was longer though because I read all three books in two days

    20. Samantha says:
      The book felt slightly rushed but I m happy we got Dean I d like to know what happens from here the ending kind of left everyone hanging.

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