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The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure

The Civil War Trilogy Gods and Generals The Killer Angels The Last Full Measure Michael Shaara reinvented the war novel with his Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece of Gettysburg The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara continued his father s legacy with a series of centuries spanning New Y

  • Title: The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure
  • Author: Michael Shaara Jeff Shaara
  • ISBN: 9780345433725
  • Page: 375
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael Shaara reinvented the war novel with his Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara continued his father s legacy with a series of centuries spanning New York Times bestsellers This volume assembles three Civil War novels from America s first family of military fiction Gods and Generals, The Killer Angels, and The Last Full MMichael Shaara reinvented the war novel with his Pulitzer Prize winning masterpiece of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels Jeff Shaara continued his father s legacy with a series of centuries spanning New York Times bestsellers This volume assembles three Civil War novels from America s first family of military fiction Gods and Generals, The Killer Angels, and The Last Full Measure.Gods and Generals traces the lives, passions, and careers of the great military leaders Thomas Stonewall Jackson, Winfield Scott Hancock, Joshua Chamberlain from the gathering clouds of war The Killer Angels re creates the fight for America s destiny in the Battle of Gettysburg, the four most bloody and courageous days of our nation s history And The Last Full Measure brings to life the final two years of the Civil War, chasing the escalating conflict between Robert E Lee and Ulysses S Grant complicated, heroic, and deeply troubled men through to its riveting conclusion at Appomattox.

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      375 Michael Shaara Jeff Shaara
    The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure

    About Author

    1. Michael Shaara Jeff Shaara says:
      Michael Shaara was an American writer of science fiction, sports fiction, and historical fiction He was born to Italian immigrant parents the family name was originally spelled Sciarra, which in Italian is pronounced the same way in Jersey City, New Jersey, graduated from Rutgers University in 1951, and served as a sergeant in the 82nd Airborne division prior to the Korean War.Before Shaara began selling science fiction stories to fiction magazines in the 1950s, he was an amateur boxer and police officer He later taught literature at Florida State University while continuing to write fiction The stress of this and his smoking caused him to have a heart attack at the early age of 36 from which he fully recovered His novel about the Battle of Gettysburg, The Killer Angels, won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1975 Shaara died of another heart attack in 1988.Shaara s son, Jeffrey Shaara, is also a popular writer of historical fiction most notably sequels to his father s best known novel His most famous is the prequel to The Killer Angels, Gods and Generals Jeffrey was the one to finally get Michael s last book, For Love of the Game, published three years after he died Today there is a Michael Shaara Award for Excellence in Civil War Fiction, established by Jeffrey Shaara, awarded yearly at Gettysburg College.

    Comment 595 on “The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure

    1. Dave says:
      This was an outstanding trilogy about the civil war and I m not a big fan of history books about our country s wars Although this is what I d call fictional history the events were real A great story

    2. Misfit says:
      These three books should be required reading in school Very eye opening to the horrors of war Gods and Generals Fascinating portrayal of a sad time in US History, as told from the perspectives of the generals involved in these campaigns I was most particularly moved by Lee and his torn loyalties to the US Army and his home state of Virginia, and most especially by the great Stonewall Jackson I ve come across the names in history classes oh so long ago and the occasional novel covering this perio [...]

    3. Heather says:
      I m really not much in to the war history thing, all the little details of who surrounded who s flank, etc, BUT this was a very compelling fictionalization of the real life people leading the armies of both sides of the war Gods Generals felt a little too appologetic for the Southern states It was, afterall, really about slavery, no matter how much some might want to white wash this as state s rights Maybe it felt that way because the folks in charge of the Union s army were complete bumbling id [...]

    4. Wendy Rabe says:
      The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara gripped me from the moment I started it, another one of those books dangerous for a mother to start as it could lead to the neglect of children Fortunately, mine are old enough that at least serious accidents were ruled out during my stolen moments The portraits of the warriors are vivid Robert E Lee s honor and character are captured, along with the devotion of his men and even what might be seen as arrogance that led to Pickett s Charge The heroism of rhetor [...]

    5. Lee Ann says:
      Loved all three, with Gods and Generals being the best of them.

    6. Matt Swanson says:
      I think this is a great book for people to get the Historical Genre done in their genre checklist This book is very exciting, as it is based on the Civil War I loved to read this book because I, for one am a historical fiction fan, but for those who are on the other side, might find this challenging The book is thick, and as I am a slow reader, tended to last a long time, but for other slow readers, you should know there are many pictures and symbols every handful of pages, which helps your brai [...]

    7. James Christensen says:
      Very well written Covers the period of 1858 to 1863, prior to the civil war up to but not including Gettesburg.Tells the story of the lead up to the war and the early years from the perspective of Robert E Lee, Thomas Jonathan Stonewall Jackson, Winfield Scott Hancock and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, with visits to other leaders So, not a history book per say, but wonderful insight to what was going through the minds of these players.Very insightful as to the mind of a civil war military leader [...]

    8. Greg Parrott says:
      Though long, I really enjoyed this trilogy from cover to cover Fictional but plausible refreshing putting the human on each major character trying to see inside their minds on why they did what they did Covering from the pre war years until just after the death of General Lee, the book dives into the possible emotions and thoughts of the major players Did it really happen this way No one can truly know Worth the reading to have some perspective on the current events regarding things Confederate. [...]

    9. Ernie says:
      AmazingCanadian reading about the US civil war after recent headlines about General Lee Could not put this book down Amazing character development, detail, story I would recommend it to anyone interested in peeling back the onion layers.

    10. Lynn Ferder says:
      Highly recommend This trilogy answered a lot of questions I had about the civil war I feel I know the history a lot better now Easy to read, great writing by both authors.

    11. Elizabeth says:
      A compelled and well written fictional on the horror and adventure of war.

    12. David Radin says:
      An incredible trilogy I loved every minute of it Well written and exciting.

    13. Shannon Olsen says:
      good book with a different perspective since it s about from the Generals Can be frustrating at times hearing some of the hurdles even though it s fiction, I m sure some of the challenges were very much true.

    14. Eddie Black says:
      They books were brilliant and moving Though I must confess that I struggled to finish the last half of the 3rd I was practically shouting SURRENDER ALREADY at the pages But the fights, the pride, the fear and uncertainty, the decorum and camaraderie, all captured brilliantly in these pages I loved the style of writing on books 1 and 3 the best Gettysburg came above in the 2nd I ve been to the Highgate Mark, the Wheat Field, Devil s Den, Little Round Top, looked across the field of Pickett s Char [...]

    15. Morgan says:
      I didn t get a chance to read Gods and Generals, but I thoroughly enjoyed the other two books in the trilogy, especially The Last Full Measure I m certainly not an expert, but these must certainly be among the best historical fictions of all time It feels like an understatement calling them fiction even given that although they were fictitiously written from the internal 1st person points of view of the minds of major generals such as Robert E Lee, Ulysess S Grant 50 bill , and a few other fasci [...]

    16. Jon Wayne says:
      Finest work I have read in many yearsThis book captivated my time from the instant I started reading I especially liked how he was able to use personal thoughts and feelings of the characters of the war Totally impartial to both sides, he made me look up to and respect the leaders of both sides Many, many times I shed tears at the loss of one of the soldiers I myself a veteran of 2 wars totally understands the characters of the books and for the first time in my like understood the true cause of [...]

    17. Shawn Cunningham says:
      Three individual books that tie in with each other closely The authors bring individuality into a time when the country was in great turmoil and helps to show major events through the eyes of some of the closest players and greatest men All three of these books are a must read for anyone interested in history or the Civil War The authors write and you feel like you get to know the characters, only to realize how tragic the times were when these people whom you ve followed so closely meet violent [...]

    18. Jonathan says:
      mobileeveland advcleve The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara This absorbing and pulse quickening immersion into the four bloody days of Gettysburg won its author the 1975 Pulitzer Prize for fiction Robert E Lee, James Longstreet, George Pickett and J.E.B Stewart wear gray, and Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, John Buford, George Gordon Meade and Winfield Scott Hancock wear blue, each man playing out his fatal role Their outsize characters, joined with others, drive the story, and their convictions ill [...]

    19. Ginger Stephens says:
      This is a review of the entire trilogy All Americans should read this, especially in this time when the Confederacy and the causes of the War are misunderstood and misconstrued The Killer Angels is MUCH better than God and Generals and The Last Full Measure That does not mean that those are not good books worth reading The Killer Angels is in a class by itself Few books are its equal The Killer Angels inspires emotions sadness, anger, confusion The other two do that, but not as strongly and the [...]

    20. Chris Kaftan says:
      Similar to what I wrote about the Rising Tide This book is a triology written by the father son team of Michael father and Jeff son Shaara Michael wrote The Killer Angels in 1974, and his son followed with Gods and Generals prequel and The Last Full Measure as a sequel to Killer Angels All books cover the entire years of the Civil War from 1858 to 1865 Focuses on main characters and their perspectives on war and life and uses descriptive terms to describe what battle really sounds like.

    21. Erin Fisher says:
      I decided to read this trilogy after reading Seabiscuit since that author was inspired by The Killer Angels and the historic novel style I learned so much about the civil war from this series and found the telling very entertaining The novels are historically accurate but the converstaions in the books are fictional From reading you are able to get a sense of the personalities and beliefs of some of the leading figures in the war, on both sides The telling is from the point of view of certian ke [...]

    22. Hannah Thomas says:
      This is an AWESOME trilogy of the civil war and how went Both sides tactics and who commanded what My favorite is The Killer Angels because the novel is based on the Battle of Gettysburg The Last Full Measure is the aftermath battles of Gettysburg, with lovely endings that will make you shed tears, and Gods and Generals is based on the battles before the Battle of Gettysburg If you are a history fanatic and just dying to learn , read these novels

    23. Joseph R. Howard says:
      Absolute perfection Shaara takes these historical features we ve all learned about in schoold turns them into the real people they were The chapters follow a different person each time, and you often find yourself sympathizing with the other side If you can t afford to lose sleep, this trilogy isn t for you I could hardly put each book down, and when I completed the last sentance of the last book, I honestly felt sad because it was over.

    24. Robert says:
      I read first The Killer Angels the first book written by father , then Gods and Generals and Full Measure written by son Great books, and really the only historical novels I ve read Currently reading same author s writing on the revolution Killer Angels was great, I picture about the war from that book than I did from civil war text books.

    25. Linda says:
      I stumbled reading this novel I am just not aware of the history lesson during th Civil War I like reading historical fiction Perhaps the way the chapters were ordered gave me cause to be confused I am going on to read the KILLER ANGELS which is by his father and a Pulizer Prize winning novel.

    26. Laura says:
      I would give it 4.5 stars if I could I wish I had read this trilogy before I visited Gettysburg I learned and gained so much from this trilogy The only reason it wasn t a complete 5, was because the last novel was just too long But maybe that s not fair, since it was probably just me wishing the war would end

    27. Maureen says:
      I finished Gods and Generals This may be the first book on the Civil War that I have read From this account, it is amazing that the North won the war with the ineptitude of the North s generals The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara is excellent I finally finished The Last Full Measure and was happy that Lee surrendered This was not as good as the other two books.

    28. Jilly Bennett says:
      The movie Gettysburg was based on The Killer Angels, which was the first book written by Jeff Shaara s father, Michael Shaara Gods and Generals also has its own movie Both star Jeff Daniels Great books I recommend watching the movies first it will give you visuals for the books, which at times are full of battle details A wonderful look at the Civil war battlefield

    29. Becky says:
      Loved every one of these books I did find Jeff to be a better writer than his father These books started my love for history For the first time, after reading them, history became about people and not just dates on a page I appreciated what they were able to do for my perspective It is unfortunate that I never had a real history teacher.

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