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GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness

GILA A Journey Through Moods Madness The young man convinced he s being tailed by spies the mother helping her daughter overcome the voices in her head the psychiatrist freeing his patients from the chains that bind them literally the wo

  • Title: GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness
  • Author: Hanna Alkaf
  • ISBN: 9789832344582
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Paperback
  • The young man convinced he s being tailed by spies the mother helping her daughter overcome the voices in her head the psychiatrist freeing his patients from the chains that bind them literally the woman who believes she can walk on water Here are the untold stories of the men and women living with mental illness in Malaysia, as well as those who love, care for, woThe young man convinced he s being tailed by spies the mother helping her daughter overcome the voices in her head the psychiatrist freeing his patients from the chains that bind them literally the woman who believes she can walk on water Here are the untold stories of the men and women living with mental illness in Malaysia, as well as those who love, care for, work with and fight for them Filled with heart wrenching personal stories, expert commentary, and helpful resources from patients, caregivers, psychologists, psychiatrists, volunteers and advocates, GILA offers a glimpse into a rarely seen or spoken of world the Malaysian mental health industry This is a book that pulls no punches Its provocative title immediately draws your attention to the complex and often challenging issues that face mental health service delivery in our country, and the author is bold, yet passionate in her approach A fascinating and thought provoking book Dato Dr Andrew Mohanraj, Mental Health Promotion Advisory Council, Ministry of Health Malaysia

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    • Free Read GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness - by Hanna Alkaf
      275 Hanna Alkaf
    GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness

    About Author

    1. Hanna Alkaf says:
      YA writer, mom, Hufflepuff, and professional introvert.

    Comment 684 on “GILA: A Journey Through Moods & Madness

    1. Atikah Wahid says:
      It s a testament to Hanna Alkaf s writing that even though I m having the worst reading slump of my life, I still managed to finish this book in a few days I ve always wanted to read this book when it came out out because a I ve always been interested in mental health issues and b this book came out of freaking nowhere I know Malaysian writers and there is a kind of fear about writing something that s completely different because you always feel pressured to appeal to the masses So, a serious no [...]

    2. Keisya says:
      My book club had the pleasure of having Hanna Alkaf as one of our speakers for our first writing workshop Initially, I wasn t familiar with the concept of creative non fiction , but as the author explained further during the talk, I become interested, especially it involves a taboo topic What I Liked The short stories that are told by patients in the book gives us a whole new perspective on how mental illness is handled by society and the government, also the challenges faced by the patient Wit [...]

    3. Nurhayati Ramlan says:
      4.8 StarsIt was a very good read I like all the stories and facts given in this book some hit too close to home, so relatable I wish to read of this kind of book I m actually speechless at the moment, no words seem right enough to be written here so I ll stop now Thank you for taking your time to do proper research and collecting stories for this book, Hanna Your efforts are admirable Keep it up 3

    4. An Nissa says:
      Living with people who has mentally ill is really challenging really But in our society keep discriminate peoples who having problem with their mental It kind of taboo to our society some call the people who having schizo is possessed by demon or being punished by God because their own act How you could say that to people they don t even want to get sick In fact, some of them really don t know that they are sick and seriously need to get treatmentis brought me to read about this book Bought at G [...]

    5. Shah Effendy says:
      I like the book as it bring us into the world of psychosis I m a paramedic in general which worked in government few years back So I have basic understanding of the flow about how the treatment will be initiated to a mentally ill patient When reading this book, I am expecting that the author would dive deeper into twisted mind of mental patients I have no issues with the details about ratios,prevalence and stuffs But I expected that the author could probably concluded what eventually happen to s [...]

    6. 宅女阿reen says:
      Gila is not an uncommon word in our daily life To many of us, it may simply means a moment of moodiness But what were demonstrated in this book is much than the normal up and down that we have in mind.This book is indeed an eye opener, given how the public underestimated the prevalence of mental illness The case studies discussed in this book only revealed tip of the iceberg In fact, the actual number of people living with mental illness remains unknown, due to the fact that Gila is a social st [...]

    7. Olivia says:
      As stated on the back of the book, GILA was to be a book which compiles stories of people with mental illnesses and how it affects their lives Frankly, that was what pushed me to get this book apart from the fact that I thought I should give Malaysian books a try I had always wanted to read about mental illnesses in Malaysia and since it s not exactly a popular topic in this country, this book was really a rare find for me.Apart from telling about the experiences of those living and struggling [...]

    8. Subashini says:
      Similarly, Hanna s exploration of asylums in forensic wards for mental illness in places like Hospital Bahagia in Tanjung Rambutan, Perak, shows that even modern medical treatments are tainted by a legacy of abuse and outright brutality and violence.These closing chapters address the issue of the institutionalisation of the criminal and the homeless, which is probably vast enough an area to be addressed in a separate book devoted just to this particular topic.It is shocking and heart rending, as [...]

    9. Yanna Hashri says:
      Despite the fact that so many of its sufferers are crying for help, mental illness remains a little understood issue in Malaysia GILA shines much needed light on the subject by providing insight into the challenges local psychiatrists and psychologists face in a concise and easy to read manner I for one was shocked to read about the extent of our country s ignorance of the matter, especially in the sections pertaining to the inhumane treatment of patients in places like Hospital Bahagia never ag [...]

    10. Safiah Asraruddin says:
      A good and precise book for the public to get to know about mental illnesses Comprising of true stories from the patients themselves, experiences by the professional healthcare workers and the reality about our community s ignorance on this topic, makes it an eye opener.Just the kind of book that I sought for Thumbs up to the writer.

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