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The Opposite of Chocolate

The Opposite of Chocolate A second novel for Young Picador from Whitbread shortlist star It s a long hot summer and a climactic one For year old Sapphire it brings the awesome terrifying realisation that she is pregnant a

  • Title: The Opposite of Chocolate
  • Author: Julie Bertagna
  • ISBN: 9780330413459
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • A second novel for Young Picador from Whitbread shortlist star It s a long, hot summer and a climactic one For 14 year old Sapphire it brings the awesome, terrifying realisation that she is pregnant a discovery that catapults her into the eye of a storm as her body, her future, her life, become a battleground for everyone s needs but her own Meanwhile, out in the huA second novel for Young Picador from Whitbread shortlist star It s a long, hot summer and a climactic one For 14 year old Sapphire it brings the awesome, terrifying realisation that she is pregnant a discovery that catapults her into the eye of a storm as her body, her future, her life, become a battleground for everyone s needs but her own Meanwhile, out in the humid urban night, a mysterious firebug is running wild, working out his own anger and confusion with dramatic consequences Somehow, from this cauldron of emotion and fear, Sapphire must find a way to take control of her life and make the most agonising and lonely of choices.

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    • Æ The Opposite of Chocolate ↠ Julie Bertagna
      350 Julie Bertagna

    About Author

    1. Julie Bertagna says:
      Julie was born in Ayrshire and grew up near Glasgow, where she now lives with her family After a degree in English Language and Literature, she was the editor of a small magazine, a teacher and a freelance journalist Julie has written many critically acclaimed, award winning novels for teenagers and younger readers She speaks in schools, libraries and at book festivals across the UK.

    Comment 516 on “The Opposite of Chocolate

    1. Amy says:
      Haunting, thought provoking, and elegant This was the most stolen book from British school libraries, and I can understand why it is so good The setting is almost a character in this book, all hazy summer evenings and wood smoke.I loved Sapphire as a main character, too she coped the best way she could in a very difficult situation, and her friendship with the firebug was great.I would have loved a less ambiguous ending, but I think it did work best with the story.5 STARS.

    2. Rachel Brand says:
      I read this when I was 13 and the only thing which I ve remembered from this book over the years is that the main character idolised a girl who said that you shouldn t wear the same outfit for two days in a row, so it wasn t exactly memorable.

    3. Michele Velthuizen says:
      Interest level 7th Reading level medium, shortGenre realistic fiction, teen pregnancy, families, pyromania, trial by fireThis is the story of 14 year old Sapphire who discovers she is pregnant after having a seemingly carefree yet intense relationship with Jay, a boy who now seems distant and interested in another girl Sapphire doesn t know what to do, but when her parents find out and involve people to help them decide what to do Sapphire begins to feel as if she is being pulled in all directi [...]

    4. Alison Evans says:
      I ve loved every other book that Julie Bertagna has written, but this one wasn t up to scratch.The main girl I don t remember her name really is an idiot Fancy not using protection at all At ALL I mean, come on, no wonder she s pregnant She s not fleshed out as a character and I felt no sympathy for her The main boy can t remember his name either I also found very hard to sympathise with He lights fires in the middle of summer apparently this is okay because he always makes sure they don t get o [...]

    5. Bethany says:
      It was readable, but it doesn t live up to some of the other books i have read featuring teen pregnancy I sympathised with Sapphire and how everybody was trying to make her decisions for her, i know how that feels Although i got why Gilbert s character was the way he was, i didn t find his role in the story to be very developed I was also disappointed with the ending as i would have liked to have know whether Sapphire kept her baby or not.

    6. Anne Hamilton says:
      I felt this lacked the depth and inventiveness The Spark Gap or Exodus.Sapphire Dean is fourteen and pregnant Her father Boris is appalled but wants her to keep the baby, her mother wants to arrange an abortion.

    7. Jalisah Rahman says:
      I hated it It was boring and nothing interesting happened in the book No character development, let alone plot development I am seriously dissappointed and would not recommend it to anyone.It wasn t a complex or intricate tale and I read it in the space of an hour.I had high hopes as its written by Julie Bertagna, and I am a fan of her book Exodus This was nothing like that.Do not read it.

    8. Yeni says:
      I remember being completely spellbound by this book when I read it as a teenager I didn t find the charcaters odd at all as one person said below I remember it being quite a sad read in parts As a teenager sometimes I wanted to escape from my house life too, so I can relate alot to that part of this book.

    9. Alison Brownlee says:
      Strange book, very strange I read this book back at school as it was one of those issue books teachers love you to read in social studies and discuss I remember it being a lot better than it was, maybe my teenage brain didn t know any better it was just simply odd, with strange characters, unlikable people, bizarre plot twists and quite frankly no really ending.

    10. Laura says:
      A while ago I went through a phase of reading a lot of books about teenage pregnancy This particular book stands out in my mind because of what Sapphire eventually decides to do about the baby.

    11. Nevena says:
      I really enjoyed that it was from the perspective of a girl who is leaning towards abortion and her struggle to decide

    12. shirley says:
      Interesting points raised about a child s choice when found in the situation Ending was a let down.

    13. Sacha says:
      Being faced with such a crucial decision at such a young age As a parent brought out some tough issues remind you that you cannot always inflict your values on your children, you can only guide them

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