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The Dog Who Dared to Dream

The Dog Who Dared to Dream This is the story of a dog named Scraggly Born an outsider because of her distinctive appearance she spends most of her days in the sun filled yard of her owner s house Scraggly has dreams and aspira

  • Title: The Dog Who Dared to Dream
  • Author: Sun-mi Hwang Chi-Young Kim
  • ISBN: 9780349142104
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the story of a dog named Scraggly Born an outsider because of her distinctive appearance, she spends most of her days in the sun filled yard of her owner s house Scraggly has dreams and aspirations just like the rest of us But each winter, dark clouds descend and Scraggly is faced with challenges that she must overcome Through the clouds and even beyond the gatThis is the story of a dog named Scraggly Born an outsider because of her distinctive appearance, she spends most of her days in the sun filled yard of her owner s house Scraggly has dreams and aspirations just like the rest of us But each winter, dark clouds descend and Scraggly is faced with challenges that she must overcome Through the clouds and even beyond the gates of her owner s yard lies the possibility of friendship, motherhood and happiness they are for the taking if Scraggly can just hold on to them, bring them home and build the life she so desperately desires.

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    • The Dog Who Dared to Dream Best Download || [Sun-mi Hwang Chi-Young Kim]
      467 Sun-mi Hwang Chi-Young Kim

    About Author

    1. Sun-mi Hwang Chi-Young Kim says:
      Hwang Sun mi born 1963 is a South Korean author and professor who is best known for her fable The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly, which has also been made into a successful animated film in South Korea, Leafie, A Hen into the Wilde was Born in 1963, Hwang was unable to attend middle school due to poverty, but thanks to a teacher who gave her a key to a classroom, she could go to the school and read books whenever she wanted She enrolled in high school by taking a certificate examination and she graduated from the creative writing departments at Seoul Institute of the Arts and Gwangju University, and from graduate school at Chung Ang University She lives in Seoul, South Korea.Hwang is an adjunct professor at the Faculty of Literature in the Seoul Institute of the Arts Hwang s career as a writer began in 1995, and since then she has published nearly 30 books over various genres She is most famous for her work The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly which was also made into a movie that broke Korean box office records for animated films, earning nearly 7 billion won in its first month of release.Awards Nong min Literay Award 1995 Tamla Literary Award 1997 SBS Media Literary Award 2001 Sejong Children s Literature Prize 2003 7 The Best Book of the Year in Poland 2012

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    2. Anne says:
      It would be easy to assume that The Dog Who Dared To Dream is aimed at children, or young adults, but it isn t This is a beautifully written, very short novel that is written for adults, although children aged 12 and upwards would enjoy it too.There are just over 160 pages in this book It should have taken me a few hours to read, but instead I ve been reading this, on and off for a few weeks now Picking it up, reading a few pages at a time and then going away to think about it and to try to clea [...]

    3. Bảo Ngọc says:
      M nh mua quy n n y cho em, nh ng l i l y ra c tr c n trong m t ng y bu n ch n nh ng y h m nay Ch xanh l ng d i l m t c u chuy n mang m t nh nh n v n cho tr em v c ng v n d nh cho ng i l n C i u m nh th y C g m i x ng chu ng v n hay h n, kh ng bi t c ph i v C g m i x ng chu ng bu n h n hay kh ng n a P T c gi Hwang Sun mi qu th t r t t i n ng khi khai th c th nh c ng nh ng c t truy n ng v t nh th n y m t c ch kh ng m i nh ng v n l m cho ng i c v c ng t m m i khi l t sang trang ti p theo c a quy n [...]

    4. Kate says:
      Full Review previously appeared at If These Books Could Talk as part of the promotional tour.Born to a nameless mother in a provincial Korean village, Scraggly the black pup instantly bonds with Grandpa Screecher, the elderly owner of a local bike shop, and part time wielder When the time comes for Scraggly and her siblings to be sold off, Screecher initially puts her up for sale, but circumstances mean that soon she is the only one left, and a relationship forms between the two that lasts many [...]

    5. John says:
      What a great novella I did not expect to read this book so quickly It is a lovely tale about the life of Scraggly and her owner Grandpa Screecher set in a South Korean village Scraggly grows from a pup to an adult experiencing trauma, joy and tragedy Her litters of pups, the annoying cat who in the end gives her a gift and the staircase around the persimmon tree was a memorable finale.

    6. Georgia says:
      Review can also be found in Chill and readThis is the story of a dog named Scraggly Born an outsider because of her distinctive appearance, she spends most of her days in the sun filled yard of her owner s house She feels lonely, as her siblings do not accept her as equal, but this does not stop her from living, dreaming and wanting to find out what is there outside the yard.Scraggly as a child is afraid of her mother She does not accept her full affection like the rest of the puppies, only beca [...]

    7. Aimee says:
      4.5 stars Didn t expect to read this all in one sitting but oh my word, it was such a beautiful little book As someone who adores dogs with every fibre of their being, I absolutely loved this Plus the ending was so bittersweet 3

    8. Amy (Amysbookcorner) says:
      Who doesn t love a good animal fiction and fantasy book I certainly do The book introduces the life of Scraggy a mixed breed, stubborn to the bone and a dreamer dog The author introduces Scraggy when she is just a puppy, we can follow her adventures through growing up and experiencing life Scraggy was an outcast even when she was a pup, therefore we can see how she is always treated differently even by her mother and siblings Then winter comes and something terrible happens, which leaves Scrabby [...]

    9. Rachel says:
      4.5 stars This book broke my heart I don t know what to say but it s so realistic and true If you re looking for a fluffy story of a dog this isn t the one This is about real life, breeding, animal abuse, how animals are treated in everyday life The ending killed me but at the same time left me at peace It s so surreal which is why I enjoyed this book I love the way it was written in little tiny chapters with pictures and little Scraggly on the front is adorable I just picture scraggly s pain an [...]

    10. Mandy says:
      Really Serious adult literature A small masterpiece An international bestseller and a classic I don t think so I think everyone s been taken in by the hype It s a pleasant enough little story about a dog called Straggly Ahhh What a cute name who has dreams and aspirations just like us but finds the cards stacked against her But not to worry Straggly is a brave little dog and will rise to all the challenges giving inspiration to everyone So there s a nice little allegory about life for us, a litt [...]

    11. Alice says:
      An odd little book in which not much actually happens, though it s an interesting look at everyday life in a different part of the world I m not sure what the titular dog was daring to dream about, because she doesn t do a great deal Maybe something was lost in translation, or maybe I don t find books for adults told from the point of view of an animal quite as radical as other people apparently do.

    12. Huyền says:
      y l truy n thi u nhi Li u c n ng n qu kh ng Bu n qu C i bu n c a c u chuy n kh ng ph i ki u bu n bi l y m l ki u bu n h ng n nh ng i u t t p L n tr c c C g m i x ng chu ng c ng c c m gi c t ng t.

    13. Aye Phyu says:
      Very beautiful little book It tells all about life starting from birth, death, siblings, parents, benefactors, friends, enemies, frenemies, even admirers and children I am sure I will read it again some time.

    14. Charlotte (The Writers' Crown) says:
      This is the first book to make me cry and has landed a place in my top 5 favourite books I already cannot wait to read it again.

    15. Hollybooks says:
      This was a beautiful very sad book and I would recommend this to anyone who wants a quick read.

    16. Gibin Mathew says:
      Heart touching Powerful enough to melt hardest of hearts The name The dog who dared to dream caught my attention in first glance From the name,I had a presumption that this is an inspirational book telling the story of an underdog who ended up as a great success But my prejudice was in vain,when I found that this is a story about an ordinary dog happen to live in a small town in an unknown country.But my curiosity led me to the life of Scraggly main character , and to my astonishment I found it [...]

    17. laipeen says:
      I have just finished this book and I have conflicting feelings about it I loved the earlier book by this author and couldn t wait to read this one but I can t say I love this the same way as the one before I hate and love this book with equal passion Firstly, the title What exactly is the dog s dream While it is clear in the other book, it is vague here The dog s sorrows take the centerstage in this book and her dream, if any, is hardly given any treatment Secondly, I m a dog and cat lover and t [...]

    18. Mikaela Svärd says:
      En ganska hemsk men nd otroligt vackert skriven bok Den r kort och l ttl st rent skriftligt, men mnet r tungt Jag tror den skulle funka utm rkt i en bokklubb Det finns mycket i boken som en kan beh va vilja diskutera.

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