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April Fool's Day

April Fool s Day In the end love is important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything Or that s how Damon saw it anyway Damon wanted a book that talked a lot about love Damon Courtenay died on the

  • Title: April Fool's Day
  • Author: Bryce Courtenay
  • ISBN: 9780140272932
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • In the end, love is important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything Or that s how Damon saw it, anyway Damon wanted a book that talked a lot about love Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool s Day In this tribute to his son, Bryce Courtenay lays bare the suffering behind this young man s life Damon s story is one of life long struggIn the end, love is important than everything and it will conquer and overcome anything Or that s how Damon saw it, anyway Damon wanted a book that talked a lot about love Damon Courtenay died on the morning of April Fool s Day In this tribute to his son, Bryce Courtenay lays bare the suffering behind this young man s life Damon s story is one of life long struggle, his love for Celeste, the compassion of family, and a fight to the end for integrity A testimony to the power of love, April Fool s Day is also about understanding how when we confront our worst, we can become our best.

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      124 Bryce Courtenay

    About Author

    1. Bryce Courtenay says:
      I was born illegitimately in 1933 in South Africa and spent my early childhood years in a small town deep in the heart of the Lebombo mountains.It was a somewhat isolated community and I grew up among farm folk and the African people At the age of five I was sent to a boarding school which might be better described as a combination orphanage and reform school, where I learned to box though less as a sport and as a means to stay alive.But I survived to return to a small mountain town named Barberton in the North Eastern part of the country.Here I met Doc, a drunken German music teacher who spent the next few years filling my young mind with the wonders of nature as we roamed the high mountains His was the best education I was ever to receive, despite the scholarship I won to a prestigious boy s school and thereafter to a university in England where I studied Journalism.I came to Australia because I was banned from returning to my own country.This was due to the fact that I had started a weekend school for Africans in the school hall of the prestigious boy s school I attended.One day the school hall was raided by the police who then branded me a Communist as they considered educating Africans a subversive act.While studying journalism, I met a wonderful Australian girl Come to my country Benita invited.I did, and soon after arriving in Australia, married her Benita gave me three splendid sons, Brett, Adam and Damon Brett, who married Ann has given me three lovely grandsons, Ben now 14, Jake is about to turn 12 and Marcus is almost 6 years old.I have lived all my Australian life in Sydney the nicest place on earth and, until I started writing fiction, made my career in advertising working as a copywriter and creative director.At the age of 55 I decided to take the plunge I had been telling stories since the age of five and had always known I would be a writer some day, though life kept getting in the way until I realised that it was either now or never.Bryce Courtenay died at his home in Canberra, Australia He was 79.Courtenay is survived by his second wife Christine Gee and his children Adam and Brett.

    Comment 551 on “April Fool's Day

    1. Collette says:
      Wow I know my eyes are still red from crying as I finished this book this morning before heading to work Obviously that was not a good choice but what do you do This is a book so full of courage and love that my words won t do it justice Bryce Courtenay writes his son s story of growing up as a haemophiliac who acquires AIDS from a blood transfusion during the time when AIDS was just hitting the news in the states Damon grew up in Australia so no one really new what it was all about until it was [...]

    2. Suzanne says:
      I wasn t writing reviews when I read this I was blown away by Mr Courtenay s story, the first and only I ve read this far And Damon s I really loved this book A relative was one of the first to die of HIV Aids here and I just hated to see the prejudice in the story as I was too young to know what was going on around me I ached for the Courtenay family.

    3. Jennifer (JC-S) says:
      Trust Damon to die on April Fool s Day Damon Courtenay was born on 4 November 1966, and died on 1 April 1991 This is his story, written by his father and published in 1993 Damon was the third son of Bryce and Benita Courtenay and was born with classic haemophilia Its not a disease, so you must put the idea of a cure from your minds immediately Haemophilia is caused by a factor missing in your child s blood, the ingredient which causes it to clot It s not something we can ever fix In 1983, the Co [...]

    4. Jenny says:
      I actually read this book about 25 years ago but it is a book that will never leave me.I still temember the absolute power of the book and my utter devaststion when I finished reading it took me on such a rollercoaster ride and made me realise another side of life that I was fortunate to not have encountered It was probably part of the reason that I now value my family so much because you never know what is going to happen in the future If you want to read a book about compassion, devotion anf h [...]

    5. Sunflower says:
      This book is overly long and tedious in its level of detail I understand that it is an attempt to make sense of the death of a greatly loved son, but 639 pages filled at times with the minutiae of serious illness does become a challenge to finish It is also somewhat dated now, but does serve to show us how things have changed in both attitudes to, and treatment of HIV AIDS Hopefully for the better This review is of course not meant in any way to belittle what the family went through, and my admi [...]

    6. Deyanne says:
      I am drained both emotionally and physically after completing this memoir This was a long read for me and an incredibly arduous yet loving journey for the marvelous family of Damon Courtenay To have a son born a hemophiliac is beyond daunting I had no idea about all of the spontaneous bleeds of a hemophiliac nor the resulting physical deterioration in the body The mother part of me reading this book wept openly How did these parents continue to find their needed strength both physically and emot [...]

    7. Brian says:
      The Power of One by Bryce Courtenay is one of my favorite books of all time, but since he s not big in the U.S it s difficult to find other books by him I found April Fool s Day in a used book store, and was excited to read it.This was a great book, but not in the traditional sense It s got the same great story telling feel that Power of One had, but it s completely different because this is the true story of his son Damon s struggle with haemophilia To stop his bleeds he needed regular blood tr [...]

    8. B the BookAddict says:
      Courtney at his most honest and his best 5

    9. Liza Fireman says:
      Wow, wow, and ouch ouch ouch This book is full of pain, it is heart wrenching It is the story of Bryce Courtenay s son, Damon, that died at the age of 24, after 24 tough years Damon was a hemophiliac, and to say the truth, I found out that I know almost nothing about hemophilia What is a bleeding well, you can t even see the blood , how it is treated several blood transfusions every week , how limited is a child with hemophilia, and what are the longer affects on the body, that is deteriorating [...]

    10. Bev says:
      Damon was dead The book starts with his death, so there is no surprise at the outcome This is the story of Damon Courtney, a hemopheliac who contracted AIDS from a blood transfusion and died at age 24 It is beautifully and sensitively told by his father, one of Australia s best known writers, his girlfriend Crystal, and his mother I learned about hemophelia and AIDS than I ever knew and at the end I was sobbing at Damon s death This isn t a book you actually enjoy but it is an important book It [...]

    11. Alsha says:
      An admittedly poignant story told in a very bloated fashion I found myself skipping a lot of digressions and trivia This is not of course a commentary on the life, pain and experiences the family went through, which are touching in an exceptional way The amount of medical malpractice they went through is infuriating and saddening For myself, I simply prefer conciseness and deliberate focus when it comes to carving a path or a perspective through a story Depositing everything into a huge mass co [...]

    12. Mandy - Lace Vintage ♥ says:
      April Fool s Day is the incredibly moving story of a young man s life cut short by AIDS and the true pure love for a young woman that will inspire you to live every day to its fullest and love like there is no tomorrow There is truly no other words to describe it expect that it is a must read novel that will change how you see life The lovely smiling image I have of Damon will remind me that Love is an energy it can neither be created or destroyed It just is and always will be, giving meaning to [...]

    13. Pmj says:
      After having an allergy misdiagnosed as Asthma when I was a child, I avoided doctors as much as I could I had been prodded with various needles for 4 years and was sick of being sick The idea of donating blood after all that was not something I felt like volunteering for Until I read this book Mr Courtenay didn t pull any punches when it came to describing his own part in the story, which made it all the powerful I ve been donating blood for the past couple of years now, and will continue as lo [...]

    14. Tanya says:
      I m not close to done but felt compelled to say wow Now that s I ve finished it still wow Definitely an inspiring story of love and devotion under impossible circumstances I also enjoyed the Australian flavor for lack of a better word If anyone in SD is interested in this, the Central library branch has a copy It ll be back there within the week, after I turn it in.

    15. Lynda says:
      An extremely moving book about love, friendship, support, ignorance and prejudices The death of a son from aids.

    16. Diana E. Young says:
      This book, written by Bryce Courtney, is unusual because it is a non fiction book Sadly it is a true story about his young son who developed AID s as a result of an infected blood transfusion, which he received because of his hemophiliac disease The story is set in Australia, his native home The narrative is told from different perspectivesBryce, the father, the mother, the victim Damon and his girlfriend, Celeste Each adds their own voice to the unfolding of this deadly disease.It is a sad tale [...]

    17. Matthew Bushnell says:
      Having enjoyed many of Bryce Courtenay s books I simply read this one without knowing anything about the plot It is hard to critique a book that is really an invitation into the life of the Courtenay family as they share the struggles of their son, Damon, a haemophiliac who later develops AIDS as a result of a blood transfusion I felt privileged to be brought into the journey as Bryce, and other family members , shared their joys, sorrows, triumphs and griefs in the midst of a very difficult cir [...]

    18. Jacinta says:
      A deeply personal story from a stellar writing talent An insight into the harrowing experiences of the Courtenay family around the life and death of son, Damon, who, while receiving blood transfusion to manage haemophilia, contracts HIV Courtenay describes Damon s journey, couched in the unwaivering love and support of his partner, Celeste, his family, and friends A labour of love and breathtaking tribute.

    19. Alicia says:
      No other book as made me want to write to author This book made me want to do that I read this book in almost one sitting You know from the beginning that his son has past on, but I was laughing and crying all the way through At the end I was a balling mess This is a true story of the authors son who son contracted HIV through a blood transfusion, in the early day of the virus Please please read this book, if you read nothing else of Bryce Courtney.

    20. C. says:
      I think I ve written enough reviews about Bryce Courtenay to give a fairly obvious impression of what I think of him However, my vague recollections seem to tell me that this one was a little different genuine, perhaps Still sloppily sentimental and with the tendency to romanticise characters, but what Courtenay does have in buckets is compassion, and he uses it liberally here It s as sad a tale as any and you can t help but feel sorry for the guy.

    21. Lynn says:
      This is my all time favourite book I read it after having lived in Australia so the context of the narrative was alive to me A truly moving account as told by the father of a haemophiliac son in the days when the world was first experiencing the Aids epidemic This is a beautiful story of love, family and never ending faith in humanity Unfortunately a really difficult book to get hold of now or I d buy it for all my friends as a must read

    22. Wilma Rebstock says:
      APRIL FOOL S DAY is a very sad but true story,

    23. Sarah Newton says:
      This book is incredible So sad and tragic, be prepared for lots of crying Learned so much about blood and illness Really wish it was a work of fiction

    24. Amanda Jane says:
      Beautifully written Make sure you are a box of tissues whilst reading.Heartbreaking

    25. Denise DeRocher says:
      About his son dying of AIDS powerful, heartbreaking, worth reading than once.

    26. Alex says:
      When I bought this book, I didn t actually know what the book was about All I knew from reading the blurb that the book was about Bryce Courtenay s son who tragically died I had no idea how he died I assumed that died naturally and I thought that this book would be dedicated to him as a fictional story As Bryce Courtenay is such a great author, I was looking forward to this fictional story about April Fool s Day But little did I know that Courtenay s son, Damon was a Haemophilic I didn t know su [...]

    27. Anorhi says:
      It felt like a long book I think it was to the detriment of the book that it was written in such a detached style It felt like there was little emotion coming through the pages, and there was no connection to make you root for Damen, even though you know how it ends That lack of connection makes you start waiting for him to be dead as you read By the middle of the book I was asking and asking re we there yet is he dead yet when he was it was a relief For a story such as Damon s, Someone afflicte [...]

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